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Wimbledon 2016 Live Score Updates: Andy Murray plays Jo-Wilfried Tsonga in quarter-finals, Murray beats Tsonga in five sets

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Andy Murray Wimbledon 2016
Murray has won the title here before, in 2013

And it’s all over. Andy Murray wins the match 7-6, 6-1, 3-6, 4-6, 6-1 to progress to the semi-finals of Wimbledon 2016! Tsonga appeared to put up a mammoth fight to come back from two sets to love down in Federer-esque fashion. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to do as much as Federer did, and squandered a series of opportunities for victory.

Two marathon matches tonight. Both sets of players fighting to stay in their respective games, although that Federer-Cilic match was nothing short of magical. It seemed like Cilic was in the fight until the end in that match, and here, Tsonga appears to have given up. Murray is two breaks of serve up at 5-0 and right now it’s looking like curtains for Jo-Wilfried Tsonga’s Wimbledon 2016 campaign. Arretez! 

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga has bottled massively. After looking like he was properly in this fight, taking two sets in quick succession and establishing some form of dominance over Murray, he seems quickly en route to being bageled in the final set. Murray’s up 4-0 and Tsonga has committed three unforced errors in a single game. Three. Consistency is the name of the game in these long five-setters, and the Frenchman has lost his, it would appear, quite quickly.

AND we’ll see a fifth set! Tsonga wins the set 6-4 to force a fifth and deciding set! 

The Frenchman is on the verge of forcing a fifth set! What a comeback. And definitely not the fancied player here, he’s got Murray under control despite an error-filled game and then some! 

Tsonga attempts to return a Murray volley with a backhand. Unfortunately for the Frenchman, he’s mistimed that and it’s advantage Murray. Then the Scot misses, too. But he’s wrested some control back.

Murray’s choking now and hits a shot spectacularly long. 4-4 now.

The French player is being quick on his feet today – and he’s managing some strong forehands and running around the court! That’s got Judy Murray moving too. But yet again, his errors are helping Murray claw back up!

Tsonga almost has game point – and he’s choking spectacularly. At 40-0, he’s now caught in a stranglehold by Murray – and the pair are now at deuce! Finally, after a couple of slices from each player, it’s finally Tsonga who manages the hold. 4-3 Murray.

BREAK POINT Tsonga! It’s Murray's second break point – and he breaks! Murray leads 4-2 and he’s three games away from another Wimbledon semifinal!

Game point Murray! Finally, he’s gone into the lead, up 3-2 against his French rival, who is spraying the court with unforced errors – a glaring 33 so far.

Andy Murray’s second serve is looking particularly poor today. Tsonga's held for the pair to go 1-1 in the fourth set now. Murray holds for a 2-1 lead and he’s celebrating every single point right now. Tsonga takes his service game to lead 2-2 in a match that is decidedly crawling along.

Sportsmanship isn’t lost though. Tsonga takes a bit of a spill, but a concerned Murray looks to see if his rival is OK. And the game commences – and Murray takes it! He leads 1-0 in the fourth. Will this be the last?

Today’s a day of comebacks, it would seem! Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, down two sets, has now taken the third 6-3. Although he’s outhit Murray on the winners, he’s committed 3 times as many unforced errors. Not a good statistic going into a Grand Slam semi-final ….or so Tsonga would hope.

Good tenacity from Andy Murray! Three errors in a row – two forced and an unforced error to cap off, give Murray the game. Tsonga still leads 5-3, though, and will serve for the set. Murray’s running up to the net like a man possessed as he tries to get the ball past his tall French rival.

An unforced error from Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, but he immediately comes back with a brilliant winner to flummox Murray! It’s now break and set point Jo-Wilfried Tsonga!

Andy Murray began that game looking as though he could break Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, but now it's looking increasingly difficult. Tsonga is leading 5-2 in the third set and Murray is now serving to stay in the set. A four setter, or five?

Finally Andy Murray holds! He’s trailing 2-4 in the third set, and it’s looking like Tsonga will force a fourth. Can he pull it back from two games down? The Frenchman has been better on his first serves, much more so than his Scottish opponent.

Andy Murray looked like he was leading this easily and suddenly, things are running away from him desperately! Tsonga’s leading 4-1 in the fourth set and it’s now Andy Murray’s turn to serve. Neither player has been particularly bad tonight, though.

Set 3, and Tsonga’s trying to get control right back! He’s up 2-1 in the third and at break point – and he’s BROKEN! But Andy Murray is challenging. That shot’s way out – and he’s broken for 3-1!

Murray wins Set 2, leads 2-0

Set 2, Game 7- Murray is on serve, and he’s winning, but incredibly patchy. He’s got a 5-1 lead, but at the moment he’s even up and down within a single game, jumping from errors to winners with worrying speed. Nevertheless, he’s won the game – and the set, 6-1! He now leads two sets to love and it’s all going southwards for Tsonga.

Murray serves and he’s held! 4-0, and Andy’s mother and first coach, Judy Murray, is disinterested in the match too. She’s seen texting now. Her other son, Jamie Murray, went down with partner Bruno Soares in the men’s doubles, but second seeded Andy is making a meal of Tsonga at the moment, so it isn’t all bad news for the family.

Set 2, Game 3 – Tsonga serves and delivers a bunch of howlers. Between Murray's aces and Tsonga’s own unforced errors, this set appears to be running away from him rather quickly.. Murray’s broken again to go 3-0!

Set 2, Game 2 – Murray serves and holds! He’s quickly built on the break to go up 2-0 and Tsonga’s not looking quite the same. He’s attempting a few lofty shots, but his placement appears to be off and the overall energy of the match doesn’t seem to be as electric as one may have expected.

Set 2, Game 1 – Tsonga starts to serve. TWO unforced errors in that game and Tsonga is choking and generally being a bit patchy at the moment. Neither player appears to be playing at their best right now. Murray breaks him to go 1-0!

First set tiebreak! That took forever and a half. 6-6, 9-9 and 10-10 and FINALLY, it’s Murray who wins the tiebreak. Tsonga’s shots have been going a  bit all over the place, but some great rallies from both have seen a bit of classic serve and volley, a welcome change from the baseline play that seems to have become standard for tennis now. 12-10 to Andy Murray in the first set, with the Scot leading, a set up against his 12th seeded rival.

Set 1, Game 12 – Murray serves and holds, but he looks like he’s choking. Tsonga’s taken this to a first set tiebreak, one that Murray’s leading at the moment.

Set 1, Game 9 – Tsonga on serve and Tsonga holds! A number of unforced errors from both players, but it’s the underdog today – Tsonga, whose energy is far higher. Murray's just not looking himself...

Set 1, Game 8 – Murray serves, but he's looking a bit iffy. Tsonga, meanwhile, has found a renewed source of energy – and form! He breaks the Scot back 4-4.

Set 1, Game 7 – Tsonga serves, and Murray’s slicing forehands all over the place. Still, Tsonga’s looking in good nick today, rebutting any naysayers. He’s held for 4-3.

Set 1, Game 6 - Murray serves, and Murray builds! That was a long, long game that went back and forth with Tsonga looking for the break back. Still, Murray’s ahead 4-2; but it might be a long contest tonight!

Set 1, Game 5 – Tsonga serves. Murray’s tightening his hold on Tsonga now and is looking for the chance to take an early break! It’s now break point for Tsonga. And Murray takes the early break! He’s leading 3-2 now and will serve next to build on that break.

Set 1, Game 4 – Murray serves and holds, but Tsonga’s had two aces to Murray’s none. He’s also had a more error-strewn game, though. 2-2.

Set 1, Game 3 - Tsonga serves. This match is chugging along tamely – and there’s a Colonel Sanders lookalike watching this match, apparently. Scores at 2-1.

Set 1, Game 2 – Murray serves and holds in return. He’s got something in his eye now, and looks uncomfortable for a moment.

Set 1, Game 1 – Tsonga serves, Tsonga holds. Relatively tame start to this match especially after the firecrackers in Federer’s 5-set victory over Marin Cilic earlier.

And they're on court! On the basis of statistics alone, it's looking like Murray’s match to lose!

After Roger Federer’s loss to Marin Cilic on Centre Court, it’s the chance of 2013 Wimbledon champion Andy Murray to take to court, to play tall Frenchman Jo-Wilfried Tsonga. Tsonga has progressed to the quarterfinals courtesy a retirement by injured compatriot Richard Gasquet, who looked strong in the tournament upto then. Murray is the favourite to win the tournament in the absence of defending champion Novak Djokovic, and given his performances so far should not have too much of a problem cruising to victory.

The pair have met each other 15 times previously on court, and Murray has thoroughly dominated their outings, winning 13 of those. Of the four times the pair have played each other on grass, Murray has won 3 matches; two of those were at Wimbledon, once in 2010, with a straight sets win for the Scot, and the second time in 2014, when Tsonga scalped a set off Murray but was unable to do much more.

Their last Grand Slam meeting came at the 2014 US Open, with Murray winning in straight sets. All things considered, the Scot, who is fresh off a grass-court title win at the Queen’s Club Championship, is on a high. He’s also won on clay this year and reached the finals of every Grand Slam so far this year - a streak he will want to continue.

The title at the Queen’s Club was Murray’s fifth at the venue and he’s shown proficiency across surfaces this year. Could he take another Wimbledon title? It’s certainly looking like it could be the case. With a new daughter now watching him, Murray has had a renewed vigour in his game, but his once-incendiary demeanour seems also to have calmed down since.

Follow the action live from Centre Court!

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