Mahesh Bhupathi reacts angrily after Lara Dutta's hilarious tweet on Mumbai rains


On a cold Monday morning, Mumbai received news that it would be hit with the strongest of showers that would send the city into a state of standstill. The rains did arrive and hit the city hard, as its operations came to a screeching halt after muddy water dangerously flowed in the streets at an unsafe height.

In the wake of the floods, many Bollywood stars took to their social media accounts, warning their fans to avoid going outdoors as the situation was slowly going from bad to worse. One such star who took to her Twitter account and tried to lighten the mood was Lara Dutta. Here is her tweet and the ensuing reactions:

The film star posted a picture of the towels used by her husband, Mahesh Bhupathi during his tournaments that she was now using as a means to keep her house dry and stop water from entering the house.

Soon after she posted the picture, she received a mixed bag of comments, some fans finding the funny side of it while some others criticised her usage of the hard earned towels.

One fan went on to comment saying that 'You may be the Wimbledon, US Open or even the French Open champ but at home, you are just a normal person!', a humourous jibe at the situaiton.

However, many of the comments that followed seemed to denounce the action as most of the fans were flabbergasted at how she undervalued the towels, which were a mark of Bhupathi's major achievements. The fans openly threw brickbats at the star, urging her to never repeat such actions in the near future.

However, a majority of the light was shed on the reply given by Mahesh Bhupathi on his wife's tweet.

The Indian tennis star expressed his utter displeasure at his wife's actions and seemed to be crestfallen at the sight of his hard earned towels being used as a tool for stopping the water from entering their house.

Fans starting pouring in with their comments right after the superstar posted this on his handle. While many of his fans shared the same sentiments of Bhupathi, others appeared shocked at what had transpired.

Some comments also found the funnier side such as 'Towels are not hard work, Lara Dutta is!' In some cases, people went on to request Bhupathi to give away the towels as part of an auction and promised to take better care of the hard earned towels.

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Edited by Shraishth Jain
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