"Brought out my best Jane Fonda moves for this one" - Maria Sharapova strikes a pose celebrating her partnership brand reaching new heights

Maria Sharapova strikes a pose
Maria Sharapova strikes a pose

Tennis great Maria Sharapova recently struck a pose to announce the launch of Bala x Target.

The Russian had an impeccable career with 36 titles, becoming the World No. 1 in 2005. She won her first Grand Slam title in 2004 Wimbledon at the young age of 17, defeating the defending champion Serena Williams in the finals.

Sharapova has also endorsed and partnered with multiple brands, including the fitness brand, Bala, in 2020, along with Natalie Holloway and her husband Maximilian Kislevitz. The brand, widely known for its very own Bala bangles, is launching in over 1,300 stores.

The 36-year-old tennis icon took to social media to share pictures of her sporting the famous Bala Bangles, a modern version of the 80's ankle weight. She struck poses inspired by the iconic Jane Fonda.

"@Bala X Target launches today in over 1300 locations. We’ve come a long way since Shark Tank! Bravo, team! Brought out my best Jane Fonda moves for this one," Maria Sharapova captioned her post on Instagram.

Sharapova has also scored endorsement deals with giants like Nike, Avon, TAG Heuer, Porsche, and more.

"I’m smelling another come back" - Daria Saville playfully reacts to Maria Sharapova’s workout update

Australian tennis star Daria Saville recently shared her hilarious reaction to Maria Sharapova’s latest workout routine update on social media.

The Australian jokingly hinted that Sharapova might be preparing for her comeback, as her workout session included "specific" exercises. Sharapova was spotted practicing dumbbell bent-over, crunches, lunges, and more, in the video.

Saville reposted the Russian tennis icon’s reel on her Instagram story, with the caption:

"I'm smelling another come back. no one does specific exercises like this just to "feel" good."
Daria Saville on Maria Sharapova via Instgram Story
Daria Saville on Maria Sharapova via Instgram Story

Maria Sharapova has five Grand Slam titles, including two French Open titles and one each from the Australian Open, Wimbledon Championships, and the US Open. However, the former World No. 1 retired from professional tennis in 2020.

In a recent interview with Tennis Canada, the Russian recalled how, near the end of her career, she tried her hardest to get back into shape, but her body refused to cooperate.

"Toward the end of my career, I tried very, very hard to get my body back in shape and injury-free, and a lot of that came from my stubbornness because I truly believed I could repair my ligaments and my tendons in my shoulder just if I worked harder."

She added:

"And sometimes, you have to let go of that stubbornness in order for there to be more beautiful things in your life to open up."

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