"Coco Gauff's a child" "Great to see while her peers are embarrassing themselves": Fans divided as American comments on Israel-Gaza war 

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Coco Gauff's opinion sparks discussion

Coco Gauff's comments on the ongoing Gaza conflict have sparked polarizing reactions from fans.

Gauff graced the cover of Time Magazine's May 2024 issue, where she delved into her personal and professional lives. The American also shared her views on the ongoing Gaza conflict. She said that she was against the violence and wasn't scared of sharing whatever she felt.

“I don’t really support the mass violence going on to innocent people on both ends of the spectrum. And there’s one side that’s getting killed at more drastically faster rates than the other side.”
“I feel like it’s becoming more, if you don’t support what’s happening in Gaza, it makes you feel like you’re antisemitic. I feel far from that.”
“I am not one to shy away from something that I feel informed about. And I feel pretty informed about this topic.”

Fans were divided by the American's remarks with one section thinking that Coco Gauff shouldn't speak on issues she is unaware of and the other section appreciating the American's boldness. One of the fans said that Gauff was a privileged kid and didn't understand the realities of the world.

"She’s a child with a child’s view. She’s in the tennis world bubble. She has all the privileges & none of the responsibilities of the real world besides her career and winning. She can have her view, but the immaturity of that view & experience is what diverts her perception."

Another fan said that it was great to see Gauff speak up when none of her contemporaries had said a word about the situation.

"she always know what’s up and it’s great to see her make a statement like this while the rest of her peers are embarassing themselves"

Here are some reactions from the fans who found her opinion incorrect.

"She’s entitled to her opinion, however wrong it is. The problem is the press treating celebrities as if they’re foreign policy experts by virtue of their status. I wonder if she watched the 10/7 video as part of her self education on this. A lot of people can’t make it through it." said a fan
“"Neither side is hearing the other” Hamas literally said they would release all the hostages in return for a ceasefire but they refused". mentioned another fan
"#CocoGauff should stick to tennis and modeling." said another fan

Here are some fans who loved Coco Gauff's courage to speak up.

"People who disagree with her will say she doesn't know what she's talking about. Quelle surprise. She's clearly more informed than a lot of people. I respect her for speaking out in a measured manner, something that isn't valued by either side of this interminable conflict." A fan opined
"Players who are not afraid to have a say on matters of the world." A fan appreciated
"Honestly her being so incredible on this while others can’t even support women’s sport is such a contrast. Not everyone needs to be them, but tennis is better with Coco and DashKa around" said another fan

"People were like, 'Oh, she's burnt out, she's this, she's that.' I'm like, 'Oh my God.'" - Coco Gauff on the negativity around her

Coco Gauff
Coco Gauff

Coco Gauff spoke about the negativity she has to face whenever she has a disappointing campaign but said that the haters continued to propel her. The 20-year-old said that if it were possible, she would love to win every match but knew that things didn't work that way.

“All the hate comes. People were like, ‘Oh, she’s burnt out, she’s this, she’s that.’ I’m like, ‘Oh my God.’"In her short time on this planet, Gauff has learned more than most about perspective. “If I could win every match, I would,” she says. “But I can’t. People don’t go to work and have a good day every day. We just have to all give each other grace.” (via Time Magazine)

Coco Gauff will next be seen at the 2024 Madrid Open, where she will play Arantxa Rus in her opening match.

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