“Hate and anger consuming Marta Kostyuk”, “She chose language of facts” – Fans divided over Ukrainian’s remark on Russians after Stuttgart final loss

Marta Kostyuk lost to Elena Rybakina in Stuttgart
Marta Kostyuk lost to Elena Rybakina in Stuttgart.

Marta Kostyuk's latest remarks on Russians in the light of the Russia-Ukraine war have divided tennis fans on social media.

Kostyuk completed a run to the final of the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2024 on Sunday. She lost to Moscow-born Elena Rybakina 6-2, 6-2 in the summit clash. Kostyuk received the runner-up trophy during the presentation ceremony and addressed the crowd in attendance.

The Ukrainian notably ended her address by pronouncing 'Slava Ukraini'. Her remark caught the attention of a journalist who asked her about the meaning of the phrase during the post-match presser. She revealed that the phrase means 'Glory to Ukraine' and she uses it to differentiate the Ukrainians from Russians based on their response. She said:

"It's a saying we say in Ukraine. This is ‘Glory to Ukraine’. People reply, ‘Glory to heroes’. It's kind of like I take it as -- you know, I recognize Ukrainian people abroad, because this is the way.
"For example, we're in Monaco, there are a lot of Russians, of course, and Ukrainian people, and if I see someone that I think is Ukrainian, I say, "Slava Ukraini!" If they don't reply, I definitely know that they are Russians."

A fraction of tennis fans on X (formerly Twitter) were unhappy with Marta Kostyuk's attitude towards the average Russians.

"Hate and anger really is consuming her," one fan wrote.

Another section of fans, however, had no problem with Kostyuk's approach as one of them wrote:

"She chose the language of facts ijbol"

Here are a few more reactions from X:

"Ukrainians always hating the Russians indirectly," a fan wrote.
"like why is she so obsessed all the time...," a fan commented.
"idk if she was asked a question and what was the main thought but keep in mind the war still has a big impact on her fellow citizens and her herself and it's good moment to remind it. this is what the life of Ukrainians is based on since 2022, no wonder she often talks about it," a fan tweeted.
"The quotes are insane i only posted it bc i thought it was interesting. there's literally nothing wrong with trying connect with your ppl," a fan said.

Marta Kostyuk on Russia-Ukraine war: "I don't want anyone to forget about it really, because it's still happening"

Marta Kostyuk
Marta Kostyuk

In the aforementioned press conference at Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2024, Marta Kostyuk stressed the importance of reminding the world about the Russia-Ukraine war that continues to wreak havoc.

The Ukrainian claimed that her motherland and compatriots have suffered a lot, saying:

"I think it's important to give this recognition, you know, to Ukraine and everything that we have been through as a nation. Now it's a very difficult time, and it's continuing to be a difficult time. So I don't want anyone to forget about it really, because it's still happening."

Marta Kostyuk's next stop on the tour is Spain as she has entered the women's singles draw of the Madrid Open 2024 as the 25th seed. She will start her campaign on Friday, April 26.

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Edited by Sudeshna Banerjee
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