"I wonder how much Bill Gates will pay Rafael Nadal to shut up about his sudden chest problem" - Fans on Twitter take a dig at the Spaniard's recent health concerns

Rafael Nadal's [left] recent chest pain has drawn him immense criticism on social media
Rafael Nadal's [left] recent chest pain has drawn him immense criticism on social media

Rafael Nadal complained of breathing issues and chest pain during his defeat to Taylor Fritz at the Indian Wells summit clash on Sunday. Nadal lost 6-3, 7-6(5), handing the American his maiden Masters 1000 title.

The 21-time Major champion is doubly vaccinated against COVID-19, which many fans firmly believe is the sole cause of his ailments. Nadal briefly elaborated on his concerns during his press conference after Sunday's defeat.

"All the thing I can say is tough to breathe for me," Rafael Nadal admitted. "I don't know, I feel very, very -- when I try to breathe, it's painful and it's very uncomfortable."

Meanwhile, the Spaniard's confession of chest pain has fueled a raging discussion on Twitter. Scores of detractors, mostly Novak Djokovic fans, seemed hell-bent to place the blame on vaccines.

One fan wondered if Nadal's good friend, Bill Gates, who has actively invested in the production and distribution of vaccines, would have something to say on the matter.

I wonder how much Gates will pay Nadal to shut up about his sudden chest problem?

Another Twitter user wondered if Gates would feel guilty about Nadal's issues since he witnessed the Spaniard suffering live.

What’s even more disturbing, Bill Gates was likely sitting in the stands, watching Nadal struggle & suffer.The same man pushing the CV-19 vaccines. Surreal.…

Another fan openly lambasted the Spaniard for throwing Djokovic "under the bus" earlier this year, when he insisted that players must be vaccinated.

“The only thing that I can say is I believe in what the people who know about medicine say, and if the people say that we need to get vaccinated, we need to get the vaccine," Nadal said during the Australian Open. "That’s my point of view."
It’s very likely that Nadal is suffering the side effects of the vaccine he threw Djokovic under the bus for not taking. It’s crazy to think we live in a world where an athlete is punished for not taking an experimental drug.…

Several fans firmly believe that Nadal's complaint of chest and breathing issues was entirely due to getting jabbed against COVID-19. They refused to believe that the Mallorcan's condition could simply be from overextension of a muscle or something related to his physical workload at the age of 35.

The series of tweets embedded below encapsulates the sentiment mentioned above.

Nadal is regretting his decision of not following in the footsteps of Djokovic and refuse the vaccine, now a world class athlete is sidelined with what seems like serious side effects Seems appropriate to force it on everyone…
I wish him a full recovery. You see why I am against government sanctioned vaccine mandates?…
Nadal in January: "I believe in what the people who know about medicine say, and if the people say that we need to get vaccinated, we need to get the vaccine."Nadal in March: "I can't breathe!!!" 😂🤣😂…
Vaccine effect on Rafael Nadal...breathing issues, sounds familiar?
Nadal is suffering an adverse reaction from the Covid-19 vaccines,hope he pulls through 👍
Nadal is knocked out of Indian Wells citing breathing problems and chest pains. Not one mention here of C-19 vaccines whose potential adverse reactions are chest pains and breathing problems. We are trapped in an insane asylum.…
Vaccine is working any doubt ask Rafael Nadal
@neilmcd61 @andrewneeme Raf nadal down with breathing issues and pain in chest.. Wonder which corporation he let jab him.
@kezia_noble Rafa Nadal was fully vaccinated and had chest pains, trouble breathing during the final set at Indian Wells...Coincidence, who knows?🤔😳 Somewhere Djokovic is thinking, see this is why I'm not getting the "jab"...
Nadal stopped trending all a sudden. Chest pains from the fittest person I've ever seen.
In the span of six days, unvaccinated Novak Djokovic was cleared to compete in the French Open, and vaccinated Rafael Nadal is complaining of stabbing chest pains and shortness of breath.
Rafael Nadal on chest problem: “When I try to breathe, it’s painful” he doesn't dare to say the forbidden word ;) #Nadal…
Nothing to see here folks. Just another world class professional athlete in his prime complaining of "chest pains".Rafael Nadal: "I feel very, very *long exhale. When I tried to breathe, it's painful and it's very uncomfortable... I am suffering a little bit, honestly."Hmmm

"Poetic justice? Maybe Rafael Nadal shouldn't have disparaged Djokovic the GOAT" - Fans vocal in their criticism of the Spaniard

As mentioned earlier, Rafael Nadal had indirectly spoken out against Novak Djokovic's unwillingness to take the COVID-19 vaccine.

As one would expect, several of the Serb's fans felt vindicated at the Spaniard's misery and highlighted that on Twitter. One of them even labeled Nadal's ailment as "poetic justice."

Poetic justice? Maybe Nadal shouldh't have disparaged Djokovic the GOAT, nor grandstanded about his own vaccine status.…
Nadal having breathing problems too . Djokovic was right it seems and the vaccine is more dangerous to the fittest.…
Djokovic will be proven right about not getting the COVID19 vaccine. Rafael Nadal cannot breathe. #tennis…
No connection with the #vaccine , of course !Just mention that #Djokovic didn't comment, as opposed to #Nadal when #Australia persecuted #Djokovic.Go, @DjokerNole ! #NonALaVaccinationObligatoire #NonAuPassSanitaire…
"Nadal thought that 'justice' was served when Djokovic was expelled from Australia for being unfaithful. Now Nadal has a sore chest "…
Remember Nadal sitting there like judge & jury in Australia telling everyone Djokovic should follow the rules? He didn’t stick up for his fellow sportsman at all—I hear he recently suffered chest pains when playing—due to ‘adverse wind conditions’ he said🤯😂
@Jpana75 @DjokerNole Nadal: djokovic should just get the jab. Then I'll take this win via djokovic being banned via crazy mandates in Melbourne. Then nadal, my chest hurts I can't breath.Yeah that's a side effect listed for the vax.
@DjokerNole . You won Nole ,about vaccine. Look at Nadal, chest pain . Betrayal is paid.

One fan believes the 21-time Major champion is "suffering the consequences" of his decision to get jabbed.

Nadal about Djokovic refusing the experimental💉"I think if he wanted,he would be playing here in Australia without a problem.He made his own decisions, but then there are some consequences."Nadal is now suffering the consequences of his own…

One French fan called on Nadal to join forces with Djokovic and "denounce" the vaccines.

"All vaccinated, all screwed up!" the fan tweeted. "Nadal must join Djokovic and denounce these side effects! WE WANT THE TRUTH!"
Tous vaccinés, tous bousillés !#Nadal doit se joindre à Djokovic et dénoncer ces effets secondaires ! ON VEUT LA VÉRITÉ !

However, one fan saw sense and hoped for Nadal's issues to be alleviated regardless of his misgivings towards vaccines.

Though I disagreed with Nadal unquestioning & naive approach to taking the vaccine, and his calling Djokovic's decision to not vax "selfish," I truly hope his chest pains are not vaccine related. I read that these chest pains were related to a torn muscle.…

Another Djokovic fan refused to blame the vaccines for Nadal's condition.

@Hope56568200 I'm a Djokovic fan but to assume that Nadal chest pain has a connection with the vaccine is... not good.It's probably a muscle thing.

A physician gave his inputs on the Spaniard's ailment, saying that he was likely suffering from a "common" condition called pneumothorax.

Nadal reports of breathing difficulties, that feels like a needle during the Indian Wells final.It might be a pneumothorax.A stabbing chest pain that worsens when trying to breath. Common and manageable.

Rafael Nadal has pulled out of this week's Miami Open that starts on Wednesday. The five-time finalist hasn't played at the event since 2017.

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