In Pictures: Serena Williams proudly flaunts the Serena Williams Design Crew's latest fashion collection

Serena Williams flaunt new fashion line from Serena Williams Design Crew
Serena Williams flaunt new fashion line from Serena Williams Design Crew

Serena Williams showcased the latest collection from her fashion apprenticeship program, Serena Williams Design Crew. This new design line was created by the Los Angeles division of the crew.

The Serena Williams Design Crew was an initiative undertaken by the American tennis icon in collaboration with Nike. The SWDC works under the overall banner of Nike and gives upcoming designers a platform to work with the apparel and athletic wear giant.

Being innovative and encouraging bold designs while preserving classical notions of design and sportswear is one of the features of SWDC. Incorporating floral designs and using braided hairstyles on models were two of the hallmarks of the SWDC collection that were inspired by the style adopted by Williams during her playing days.

Recently, Serena Williams shared pictures of the latest design collection made by the SWDC. The tennis star said she was excited to try the new designs, and that bringing the notion of diversity within the design world was her primary motivation behind establishing the SWDC collection.

"I started Serena Williams Design Crew (SWDC) to bring diverse designers to Nike. This is their latest collection from Los Angeles designers. I am obsessed!" she wrote.

The new design collection sees Williams sporting a completely pink look with pink overalls and pants.

"I feel that it has completely crossed over"- Serena Williams thinks that her on-court looks have made their way off-court as well.

2018 French Open - Day Seven
2018 French Open - Day Seven

In a recent interview with Marie Claire, Serena Williams opined that back when she played professional tennis, most of her on-court outfits were not worn by people in everyday life. However, according to the 23-time Grand Slam champion, tennis fashion has now interwoven with the regular fashion choices of common people as well.

"I feel that it's completely crossed over—and I've been trying to get that to cross over for a long time," she said.

Williams highlighted two fashion choices she made on the court that had a broader cultural impact on the perception of female athletes. She mentioned the choice of wearing jeans on the court and pointed out the catsuit she adorned during the 2018 French Open.

"I mean, obviously, the cat suit [for the 2018 French Open]. That turned a lot of people on to watching tennis and it was the first time that had been done. Then I think another massive moment was the jeans—that was kind of crazy. I wore this incredible jean skirt and boots. Those two moments were huge," she added.

Williams claimed that the elaborate outfits she and her sister Venus Williams wore on the court impacted women's sports all over the world.

"I feel like that narrative, seeing myself and my sister on the big stages of Wimbledon and the U.S. Open, being ourselves and wearing great outfits and looking our best, really changed women's sports—which is crazy. But it definitely changed women's sports as a whole" said Williams.

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