Is Rachel Stuhlmann the new "Paige Spiranac" of tennis? All about the online personality dubbed as the No. 1 tennis influencer

Rachel Stuhlmann has quickly become an online sensation.
Rachel Stuhlmann has quickly become an online sensation.

Rachel Stuhlmann has quickly carved out a niche for herself in the online community, becoming one of the biggest influencers when it comes to tennis. While she isn't a regular presence on the competitive tennis circuit anymore, she's still finding ways to keep in touch with the sport she loves so much.

Her social media footprint has expanded considerably over the years. The American's online success mirrors that of former golfer turned influencer Paige Spiranac. Both have transformed their passion for their respective sports into turning into huge branding opportunities for themselves as well.

Stuhlmann currently has over 246,000 followers on Instagram, and the number is only growing by the day. With the 31-year-old's popularity increasing day by day, here's a look into her background:

Who is Rachel Stuhlmann, the new "Paige Spiranac" of tennis?

Hailing from St.Louis, Missouri in the United States, Stuhlmann took the collegiate route like many of her compatriots but didn't become a professional player. Instead, she chose to involve herself in tennis in a different manner.

Stuhlmann currently writes articles about the sport, while also working with other brands to promote tennis. She even got an opportunity to interview players. She is working with Topcourt at the moment and was even at the US Open earlier this year.

Rafael Nadal and Serena Williams were Stuhlmann's idols growing up, while amongst the current crop of players, she has taken a liking to Ons Jabeur and Andrey Rublev, among others. Fellow American Reilly Opelka is also a good friend of hers.

Can Rachel Stuhlmann play tennis?

Yes, Stuhlmann can certainly play the sport and isn't a total novice when it comes to handling a racquet. She took lessons as a child, which prompted her to continue with tennis as she entered her teens. She then played for the University of Missouri during her college days.

The American felt that she had the talent to become successful eventually. However, the appeal of competing in smaller cities initially, among other reasons, stopped her from becoming a professional tennis player.

How tall is Rachel Stuhlmann?

Stuhlmann stands at exactly 6 ft. tall. With her height, she certainly would've had a considerable advantage had she continued to play tennis.

Is Rachel Stuhlmann single?

Stuhlmann is currently not in a relationship, nor does she desire to be in one in the near future. For now, her focus remains on promoting tennis and making it more popular all over the world. Her goal is to make the sport "cool" and boost its profile by making it more accessible.

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