Patrick Mouratoglou breaks down Carlos Alcaraz's "killer" forehand, explains how "short and simple preparation" gives him time to attack 

Mouratoglou analyses Alcaraz's lethal forehand
Mouratoglou analyses Alcaraz's lethal forehand
Subhashish Majumdar

The finer aspects of Carlos Alcaraz's technique have been lauded by tennis experts the world over. The Spaniard's game is already being compared with the sport's legends, and renowned coach Patrick Mouratoglou recently took to Instagram to break down the 19-year-old's forehand.

The 51-year-old, who has coached Serena Williams in the past, explained how the Madrid Open champion's hand and body movements help him execute a "killer forehand."

The Carlos Alcaraz forehand will be the best shot on the court by a significant margin.…
"Carlos Alcaraz has been playing amazing this year. Let's have a look at his killer forehand. As you can see, he starts his forehand motion very early. He positions his body and starts his backswing well before the ball touches the ground," Mouratoglou explained.
"His preparation is short and simple. This gives him plenty of time to prepare for the ball and avoid being late. He pushes the racket head with his left hand which helps him rotate his entire upper body and keep control of the racket. When his racket is back, see how his left shoulder is lined up just under his chin."

"There are a few things that they have in common" - Patrick Mouratoglou on Carlos Alcaraz and Rafael Nadal's forehands

Mutua Mouratoglou sheds light on a few similarities between Carlos Alcaraz and Nadal
Mutua Mouratoglou sheds light on a few similarities between Carlos Alcaraz and Nadal

Carlos Alcaraz has often been compared to Rafael Nadal despite being a right-hander. Mouratoglou revealed that the two Spaniards share similarities in the way they grip the racket, how they extend their legs, and their racket path and acceleration.

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"Even though he is a righty, a lot of people compare Alcaraz to Rafael Nadal. There are a few things that they have in common. The grip, the takeback, how they engage their legs, the racket acceleration at impact and the racket path," he explained.

The coach also pointed out that Carlos Alcaraz's impeccable footwork is one of the reasons the Spaniard is capable of generating so much power. According to the French coach, extending the arm before hitting a shot is another means by which the youngster creates speed.

"Now look at how much he is loaded on his legs to then explode through the shot. That's one way he generates lots of power but not the only one," Mouratoglou said. "Carlos Alcaraz extends his right arm long before he hits - and, keeps it extended until the end of his motion. This distance he creates generates more racket speed because the further the weight is from the centre point, the faster it moves. "
"Before contact, you can see that his wrist loosens up and drops which helps him get under the ball and create crazy spin."

Mouratoglou signed off by asking viewers to determine which of the two Spaniards has the better forehand.

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