"Players getting zapped off Adderall but wrong hotel address and you get suspended": Reilly Opelka continues rant; sides with Jenson Brooksby over ban

Reilly Opelka continues rant; sides with Jenson Brooksby over ban
Reilly Opelka continues rant; sides with Jenson Brooksby over ban

Former World No. 17 Reilly Opelka recently condemned Jenson Brooksby's 18-month suspension imposed by the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA).

Brooksby was recently handed an 18-month ban by the ITIA for missing three doping test scheduled for him. The American firmly maintained his innocence, explaining that a misunderstanding with the hotel staff where he was staying resulted in his inability to attend these tests.

Opelka, who has been absent from the tour for over a year due to hip and wrist injuries, responded to Brooksby's Instagram post announcing his ban with a pointed comment about other players on tour using banned substance Adderall. The American hinted that the players breaking the rules were being let off, and offered his support to Brooksby during the dispute over his suspension with the IITA.

"Players are getting zapped off addy's but you enter the wrong hotel address and you get suspended for 18 months.. BS," Opelka wrote.
Reilly Opelka hinting at players using Adderall
Reilly Opelka hinting at players using Adderall

Brooksby, who was last seen competing at the 2023 Australian Open, responded to Opelka's statement and provided additional insights about the situation. He expressed disbelief at the way the IITA imposed the ban.

"The crazy thing is I was at the hotel I said I would be at. I was in the room at the given time and the physio was with me. I had a room number assigned to my name and they said I had checked in. I was there for four nights already, so I am getting 18 months for this," Jenson Brooksby wrote.

Reilly Opelka's views on Adderall use remains consistent with his previous statements made in response to Fernando Verdasco's two-month suspension for testing positive for ADHD medication in November of last year. The 26-year-old felt that the rampant Adderall use by players was far worse than Brooksby being handed suspension for missing doping tests due to an honest misunderstanding.

After Verdasco's suspension, Opelka expressed his concerns on social media, highlighting the issue of performance-enhancing substances being used under the guise of medical necessity.

"One of the biggest issues in tennis.. why are guys taking adderall for the first time in their life as adults? Legal doping," he posted on X, formerly Twitter.

Opelka made it clear that Adderall was a performance enhancing drug in his eyes.

"Sorry but I dont have empathy for any tennis player testing positive for adderall, as in my mind its a PED," he added.
Reilly Opelka speaks about Aderall usage
Reilly Opelka speaks about Aderall usage

Brooksby expressed disappointment with the IITA's decision regarding his missed tests and stated his intention to appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport. He hopes that a fair decision will be made made and that he returns to the sport he loves soon.

Reilly Opelka captured two titles in 2022, chalked up 21 wins from 36 matches

Citi Open - Day 6: Reilly Opelka
Citi Open - Day 6: Reilly Opelka

Reilly Opelka has been absent from the men's tour for the past 14 months, primarily due to injury. The American displayed great promise in 2022, securing 21 wins out of 36 matches. He chalked-up title-winning runs at the Dallas Open and the U.S. Men's Claycourt Championships. Additionally, he also scored a runner-up finish at the Delray Beach Open.

Opelka's career has seen him capture four titles thus far, with three of them coming on the hardcourt surface. Notably, he boasts a 55% success rate on hardcourts, higher than his performance on clay or grass surfaces.

In 2019, the 26-year-old made his breakthrough into the top 40 of the ATP rankings, consistently maintaining his position. However, due to an extended period on the sidelines, he currently finds himself ranked outside the top 500 in the world.

Opelka will be eager to make a complete recovery and return to high-level competition. While there is no official confirmation, it is anticipated that the American will soon make his comeback to the main tour.

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