Rafael Nadal's my favorite person in the tennis world, he's an impressive competitor, a great person and a magnificent representative of this sport: Coco Gauff

Gauff speaks highly of Rafael Nadal
Gauff speaks highly of Rafael Nadal

One of the rising stars in tennis, Coco Gauff has come through to the second round of Wimbledon this year. The young American reached the final of the French Open earlier this month and will want to replicate her form from Paris at SW19 as well.

Another person who will want to replicate their good form at Roland Garros is Rafael Nadal. In a press conference, Coco Gauff was asked about the Spaniard's incredible victory at the French Open despite suffering a long-standing foot injury. Gauff waxed lyrical about the 22-time Grand Slam champion's personality.

"I admire his ability to raise the bar again and again, it's inspiring how he recovers from every blow. When I saw what happened in Rome, I honestly must say that I saw it impossible that I could win in Paris. Seeing how he limped and didn't leave the track was inspiring, that shows how he thinks about the fans and the love and respect he feels for this sport. He is an impressive competitor, a great person and a magnificent representative of this sport," said Gauff.

Coco Gauff also spoke about how Nadal is her favorite person in the tennis world. She also highlighted the workout regiment of the Spaniard and the sheer intensity of the training.

"He's my favorite person in the tennis world. Witnessing a workout of his is an unforgettable experience because the intensity he puts into all his shots is incredible. I have had the honor of seeing him very closely, of training by his side, and in each break I took the opportunity to observe his attitude. It's funny to see how it inspires others. All the players who train with him take it very seriously and concentrate on practice as if it were a match," Gauff concluded.

"I think the current regulation is fine" - Coco Gauff on Covid-19 rampaging Wimbledon

Day Two: The Championships - Wimbledon 2022
Day Two: The Championships - Wimbledon 2022

Unfortunately, one of the biggest talking points about Wimbledon this year has been players withdrawing from the tournament due to Covid-19. The likes of Marin Cilic and Matteo Berrettini have pulled out of the tournament after testing positive. Coco Gauff spoke about Covid-19 protocol at Wimbledon this year:

"I think it's good that it's the players themselves who decide to get tested if they have symptoms. I would, of course, and I see fit not to have to be tested periodically, I don't want to go back to that and the tension it generates for us. We are vaccinated and we know that the viral load we can transmit is very low, so I encourage everyone who feels symptoms to get tested and be responsible, but I think the current regulation is fine," Gauff said.

The American also spoke about how her mentality has developed and that she doesn't mind suffering on the court. Coco Gauff spoke about how she will leave it all on the court regardless of the result and wants to put the seed of doubt into the minds of her opponents.

"I know that there are many people watching my progress and, even if I play for myself, that motivates me when it comes to showing everyone that I am a fierce fighter. I want my rivals and the fans to identify me that way, to be aware that, no matter what, I'm going to leave my soul on the court. In the important moments I think that my rival must be nervous, that he must be fighting his own inner demons, and that drives me to raise my level," Gauff concluded.

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