Serena Williams describes herself as a "night owl", says she has 2 migraine attacks a month

<a href='' target='_blank' rel='noopener noreferrer'>Serena Williams</a> at the 2019 US Open
Serena Williams at the 2019 US Open
Gauri Awasthi

Serena Williams recently opened up about her sleep schedule and skincare routine in an interview with Glamour, an online women's magazine. During the interview Williams also revealed her favorite bedtime regimes, and talked about how she deals with her recurring migraines.

The American always strives to get eight hours of sleep during tournaments, but can be a "bit of a night owl". She does, however, tend to hit the sack by midnight at the latest.

"My sleep schedule typically doesn’t change much even if I’m in the middle of a tournament," Williams said. "I always strive to get eight hours, but I’m definitely a bit of a night owl. I typically go to sleep around 11 p.m.. or midnight so I can get my eight hours in. However, I know sleep is extremely important to help the body heal, so I always try to get eight hours of sleep."
4:26am and still can’t sleep.

The 40-year-old went on to reveal that she experiences migraine attacks at least twice a month. Williams has had these attacks since childhood, and it was only until her 20s that she realized they weren't just headaches.

The 23-time Slam champion added that her eyes becoming too sensitive to light is a major symptom of migraine for her.

"I've dealt with them my entire adult life and typically get about two migraine attacks per month," Serena Williams said. "When I was younger, I would complain to my mom that I had a headache. It wasn’t until my 20s that I realized that I actually had migraine attacks."
"I would even have to stop training because of my migraine attacks," she added. "Aside from head pain, my eyes get very sensitive to light, which is my number one symptom and how I know I have a migraine. It makes it hard for me to function."

Serena Williams went on to stress on the importance of proper hydration. The American always ensures she has a water bottle next to her bed, and avoids eating any snacks since the sugar content would keep her awake for a longer time.

"Hydration is super important for everything from skin to muscle recovery, so I try to make sure I always have water next to my bed," Williams said. "I also avoid snacking, especially sugar, as that tends to keep me awake longer."

"It truly feels like heaven!" - Serena Williams on wearing silk pyjamas to bed

Serena Williams also talked about how much she loves wearing her silk PJs to bed. She described the feeling as "heavenly", before revealing that she also loves wearing eye and face masks at bedtime.

Williams emphasized on the importance of her skin-care routine, since it helps her wind down before sleeping. She said she uses coconut oil to wash her makeup off before cleansing her face with serums and creams.

"I do love a cute set of silk pajamas because there’s nothing like getting into a fresh bed while wearing silk," Serena Williams said. "It truly feels like heaven! I love a good eye and face mask before bed but I don’t have a favorite. I love to try different ones."
"My nighttime skin-care routine is something I love doing because it helps me wind down before bed," she continued. "I’ve been using coconut oil for years to wash the makeup off my face. Then I love using serums, creams, and masks to ensure my face feels clean, smooth, and hydrated before bed."
Edited by Musab Abid
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