"She doesn’t know how to miss a note, she's that good" - Mike Bryan thinks brother Bob's daughter Micaela is the future of their music band

Micaela Bryan, Bob and Mike Bryan
Micaela Bryan, Bob and Mike Bryan

Mike Bryan believes that his brother Bob's daughter Micaela is destined to become the leading force of their musical band in the future.

Bob and Mike Bryan, globally recognized as the Bryan brothers, hold the title of tennis' most accomplished men's doubles pairing in history. In addition to their remarkable athletic achievements, the Bryan brothers also possess a passion for music. Sometimes they can be found in the recording studio, where they spend countless hours jamming and creating music.

In a conversation with ATP Podcast reporter Jill Craybas, Mike Bryan revealed that he and his brother continue to refine their musical abilities after retirement. As a father, he admitted that he rises early each day before his children awaken to practice playing his guitar and master new scales.

"I mean music’s awesome. I’m the guitar player Bob’s on the keyboard. We were playing a lot on the road when we were traveling. Now that we have more time, I get up pretty early before the kids are up and I’m always, you know, strumming the chords and learning some scales," Bryan said on a recent episode of ATP Tennis Radio Podcast.

As Micaela's uncle, Mike has had the privilege of witnessing her exceptional talent and unwavering passion for music firsthand. According to him, the little girl is so gifted that she "never misses a note" while singing.

He also revealed that she has been taking singing lessons for 4-5 years and has demonstrated a natural aptitude for music. Her dedication to honing her craft has only grown stronger over time, making the former doubles World No. 1 believe that she could be the lead singer of their band in the coming years.

"Now that Bob’s daughter is actually a good enough singer she’s that kind of a front in our band. She’s 11 but she’s been taking lessons for like 4-5 years now. She's amazing. She doesn’t know how to miss a note. She's that good," Bryan said. "Well, she sang the national anthem at the US open for the women’s singles final and she killed it. So I think maybe she’s the future of the Bryan Bros band."

The American duo released their debut music album at the 2009 US Open called "Let it Rip". Bob, the younger brother by two minutes, plays the keyboard and bass while Mike handles the drums for the Bryan Bros. Band.

Bob and Mike Bryan have won most titles as a men's doubles pair

Bob and Mike Bryan at the 2014 US Open
Bob and Mike Bryan at the 2014 US Open

The Bryan brothers are renowned for their incredible success as a doubles pairing, holding the record for the most men's titles won in the Open Era. Together, they have secured a staggering 119 titles and have been finalists on another 59 occasions.

Impressively, 16 of these titles are Grand Slams, setting a new record in the world of men's doubles tennis and earning them a special place in tennis history as one of the greatest doubles teams of all time. Bob and Mike Bryan also recorded their 1000th ATP win as a team in 2016, becoming the first doubles team to do so in the process.