"There’s like 10,000 messages from girls and boys, he's a good-looking guy" - Holger Rune's mother Aneke on his popularity

Holger Rune and his mother Aneke (inset)
Holger Rune and his mother Aneke (inset)

Holger Rune's mother Aneke recently shared that the Dane receives messages from thousands of girls and boys on social media due to his popularity.

Rune picked up a racket at the age of six. He turned professional as a 16-year-old in 2020. The Dane truly announced his arrival to the tennis world two years later at the Paris Masters.

He entered the ATP 1000 event as an unseeded contender but ended up as the champion. Rune defeated five Top 10 players, including Novak Djokovic in the final, on the way to laying hands on his first Masters trophy.

Holger Rune's popularity has grown manifold since then. His mother Aneke provided testimony of the same in a recent episode of The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast saying (at 36:22):

"You won't believe, there’s like 10,000 messages from girls and boys and everybody, you know, he's good-looking. He's a good-looking guy."

Host Craig Shapiro further strived to know about Holger Rune's relationship status from Aneke herself but failed as the latter refused to disclose any details.

"No, I can't tell you about this. This is Holger's private life. I can't tell you about this. The world is also good for him at that area," she said. (36:43)

"I step more and more back" - Aneke on reducing her involvement in Holger Rune's professional life

Holger Rune (L) with his mother Aneke
Holger Rune (L) with his mother Aneke

In the same episode of The Craig Shapiro Tennis Podcast, Aneke revealed that she expected a teenaged Holger Rune to tell her to forgo the responsibilities concerned with his tennis career. The Dane, however, didn't.

"When Holger was a teenager, I thought at some point he would say to me: ‘This is good now, you help me so far, now I do the rest with my coaches and my team and stuff like this’. He didn't come and say that, he wanted me to stay along," Aneke said. (at 37:03)

She further revealed that their initial attempts to reduce her involvement in the youngster's professional life didn't go as planned.

"Then, we tried a couple of times with him traveling with the coaches when he was younger and he called me after 2 days, ‘It's super boring, can't you come?' So, I actually ended up flying to Argentina to join him up there," Aneke added. (at 37:19)

Aneke continued:

"Now he's 20, it's like, you know, I step more and more back, even though I watch his practice because he likes to look out and see, is it good what I do or whatever and more and more in the background now in terms of the tennis."

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Edited by Luke Koshi
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