"Underwhelming is understatement, atrocious" - Fans disappointed by Jannik Sinner's orange Nike outfit at French Open 2024

2024 Australian Open Mens Champion Media Opportunity
2024 Australian Open Mens Champion Media Opportunity

Jannik Sinner's Roland Garros outfit has garnered criticism from fans. The Italian defeated Christopher Eubanks in the first round of the French Open on Monday (May 27th).

A few weeks ago, Nike unveiled the 2024 French Open kits for several stars, including Carlos Alcaraz and Jannik Sinner. The apparel giant dropped five combinations for women and six for men. Highlights included an orange V-neck t-shirt with grey shorts which was worn by the Italian.

The World No. 2 convincingly defeated America's Christopher Eubanks 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 in straight sets. However, it wasn't his on-court dominance that grabbed attention, but rather his outfit.

The criticisms began when renowned journalist Jose Morgado called the outfits worn by Sinner and Alcaraz underwhelming on X. According to Morgado, Nike's designs seemed as if they expected the players to withdraw.

"Both Sinner and Alcaraz outfits in this tournament are a bit… underwhelming. Like Nike was expecting them to withdraw lol."

The fans later joined him in the criticism as most of them agreed with the journalist. One fan said calling the outfit underwhelming was an understatement and had something more to say.

"Calling it underwhelming is understatement. They are atrocious."
"The Nike kits in recent years is beyond pedestrian… no budget or creativity." A fan chimed in.
"Like they're very horrible" A fan wrote.

Another fan agreed and slammed the company calling them lazy.

"Legit! Nike tennis extremely lazy" the fan said.

The series of criticisms didn't end as a few more fans shared their opinions.

"Horrible outfits by Nike! The outfits made by ON are super good" one fan commented.
"thought it was just me" a fan asserted.

"We are so young and cannot be compared to Nadal and Djokovic" - Jannik Sinner on his rivalry with Carlos Alcaraz

2022 US Open - Day 10
2022 US Open - Day 10

Jannik Sinner discussed his rivalry with Carlos Alcaraz in an interview, drawing parallels to the iconic rivalry between Nadal and Djokovic.

The Italian acknowledged the significance of matches against Alcaraz but emphasized that they are still young and not yet comparable to the Nadal-Djokovic rivalry. He pointed out that they have a long journey ahead and need to achieve greater consistency before reaching that level of comparison.

“When I play against him you know that’s a very important match. But we are so young and cannot be compared to [Nadal and Djokovic] yet. We have a long way to go and need consistency,” Sinner told The Guardian.

Jannik Sinner and Carlos Alcaraz's rivalry is considered to be one of the biggest of this generation. Both players have an evenly matched head-to-head record of 4-4 and have secured 13 titles each in their young careers. Both are seeded to meet in the semifinals of the tournament.

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