"Watch out tennis; Pickleball is coming for you" - Judy Murray sends warning to tennis after Noah Rubin's switch to pickleball

Noah Rubin
Judy Murray (L) and American tennis player Noah Rubin (R)

Judy Murray, the mother of former World No. 1 Andy Murray, has commented on the rise of pickleball after American tennis player Noah Rubin decided to leave tennis for the sport.

Rubin recently revealed that he would be leaving tennis to start a professional career in pickleball.

Judy Murray responded to the news by warning tennis that "Pickleball is coming for you."

"Watch out tennis. Pickleball is coming for you……" she wrote.

Murray, the new ambassador for Pickleball Scotland, has previously spoken about the sport's benefits, calling it "wonderfully addictive" and "doable for all ages and stages."

"Pickleball is a wonderfully addictive game that’s both fun and doable for all ages and stages," she said. "It’s the perfect way into and out of racket sports and it has massive potential reach in Scotland because it’s played on badminton-sized courts and every school and sports centre in the country has those."

"I recently came across the pickleball court, and it clicked, this is where I belong, this is home now" - Noah Rubin

Noah Rubin trains during the coronavirus pandemic
Noah Rubin trains during the coronavirus pandemic

In an interview with ESPN, Noah Rubin opened up about his decision to swap tennis for pickleball.

The American, who stands at five feet nine inches, opined that the tennis court was too big and that in pickleball, "size doesn't matter."

"The tennis court is just way too big and there's way too much ground to cover," Rubin said. "I recently came across the pickleball court and it clicked, this is where I belong, this is home now. And in this sport, size doesn't matter."

Rubin also spoke about his initial reaction to pickleball. However, when he put his ego aside, he was able to see the sport's potential.

"I'm not a tennis traditionalist, but there's a love for the sport and when you see something like pickleball coming in and so quickly taking over, the knee-jerk reaction is like, 'Get the f--- out of here'," he said
"No chance is this [sport] going to be anything, no chance is this worth a look. But then I put my ego aside, and I was like, 'Wow, I get it now. This all makes sense.' I knew the sport was growing and there was potential there, but I wasn't really sure about it until we started hitting that day," he added.

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