Rafael Nadal responds to Nick Kyrgios' Instagram Live invitation

  • Rafael Nadal shares his thoughts on the possibility of an Instagram live session with Aussie Nick Kyrgios.
  • Kyrgios had invited Nadal to do a live video chat despite the tempestuous relationship between the two.
Modified 06 May 2020, 11:04 IST

Rafael Nadal
Rafael Nadal

With the whole world looking for ways to keep themselves entertained during the COVID-19 crisis, tennis professionals have started doing Instagram live sessions in droves. World No. 2 Rafael Nadal has also appeared in his fair share of live sessions, as has the mercurial Aussie Nick Kyrgios.

Last week Nadal chatted with Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Marc Lopez, regaling the fans with his trademark humor and forthrightness. Soon after that, Nick Kyrgios decided to spice things up by inviting the Spaniard to do a joint video chat - despite their frosty history.

And now, Nadal has responded to the invite - with a fair bit of sass.

Continued bitterness between Nick Kyrgios and Rafael Nadal

Ever since they faced off in that famous fourth-round tie at Wimbledon 2014, Nadal and Kyrgios have not been the best of friends either on or off the court. Their verbal wars have gone back and forth right from the beginning of their rivalry, and six years later, nothing much has changed.

2020 Australian Open - Day 8, Rafael Nadal beats Nick Kyrgios
2020 Australian Open - Day 8, Rafael Nadal beats Nick Kyrgios

Both Rafael Nadal and his uncle Toni have repeatedly talked about Kyrgios' shenanigans, and have made their feelings clear about the 25-year-old. And Kyrgios on his part has never backed down from making his feelings heard about his rival either.

Whenever the Nadals have commented on him, the 40th ranked Aussie has turned those comments right around on them. When the Spaniard accused Kyrgios of being a bit too quick between points, Kyrgios was prompt enough in replying:

"He doesn't know me, so I'm not going to listen at all. That's the way I play. The way he plays... he's very slow between points."

However, Kyrgios has also sometimes made unprovoked snide remarks against the 12-time Roland Garros champion, presumably just for the sake of creating headlines. And when BBC Sport recently expressed hope for a Cristiano Ronaldo - Lionel Messi FaceTime session, Kyrgios commented that he'd be up for an Instagram Live with Rafael Nadal.

Nick Kyrgios invites Rafael Nadal to do an Instagram Live
Nick Kyrgios invites Rafael Nadal to do an Instagram Live

Nadal of course couldn't possibly have missed that, but it seems he's not as eager as Kyrgios for the much-anticipated face-off. In his latest interview with Spanish newspaper La Voz de Galicia, the King of Clay played down the possibility of an Instagram Live with Kyrgios happening any time soon.

While talking about the uncertainty around the rest of the 2020 season, Nadal also threw some light upon Kyrgios' invitation. He said:

"I don't mind doing a live with Nick. But there's a generational gap and he might have more fun with someone closer to his age and style."

The reply from Rafael Nadal could be seen as throwing shade on Kyrgios for his immaturity. Considering the Aussie is not one to shy away from a cheeky reply himself, it'd be interesting to see how the bitter rivalry between the two unfolds from here.

Published 06 May 2020, 11:04 IST
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