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Scientific astrologer predicts Karolina Pliskova will win 2016 US Open women’s final

Angelique Kerber is the world number 1 but the 2016 US Open title will not be hers.

Karolina Pliskova
Karolina Pliskova is all set to create an upset in the 2016 US Open

Angelique Kerber is ecstatic after being crowned the World #1 in tennis. But there is a new, extraordinary force in women’s tennis in the form of Karolina Pliskova who will just make the German’s happiness short lived.

Angelique has a good horoscope with Planet – X (2007 RH283) and Planet – Z (2008 FC76) in exaltation. This was good enough to make her win the Australian Open in the beginning of the year and top it up with a Silver medal in the just concluded Olympics in Rio.

Angelique is against Karolina Pliskova who has a phenomenal horoscope. The tall Czech has Pluto, the most powerful planet in the universe in its own house, Saturn the taskmaster too, is in its own house, and to top it she also has Chiron in its own house. Additionally, Karolina also has Mars and Venus in conjunction, which is an extraordinary placement found in the strongest of sports players. This phenomenon is responsible for her long serves. In all, Karolina has the horoscope of a champion.

Karolina has reached the finals after beating both the Williams sisters. She has one final hurdle. Angelique Kerber is itching to extract revenge over her for the upset win in the final at Cincinnati. But Angelique may be brutally brushed aside by Pliskova. Pliskova is here to create history. The World # 11 would upset the World #1 to win the US Open 2016.

Greenstone Lobo is a research-based, Scientific Astrologer and is the author of the book, ‘What Is Your True Zodiac Sign?’. He can be reached on contact@greenstonelobo.com

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