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Tennis star Sania Mirza's Facebook post littered with sexist and lewd comments

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2012 Australian Open - Day 5
Sania Mirza

When a sports star goes on to express their emotions away from the playing arena and on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram etc., there are two types of people. Type one is the kind that supports and tries to understand the intention behind those posts and type two is the kind that blatantly tries to find fault in the posts which paves way for undue criticism.

One such incident took place as tennis star Sania Mirza, received severe criticism for a picture that she uploaded on Facebook which was captioned ' That moment you almost gave a s**t.. but then realise you still don't.. phew- that was close'.

One of India's leading tennis players, Sania Mirza had to deal with severe denunciation after her picture did not go too well with many of her followers on the portal.

Not for the first time, she was showered with lewd and sexist comments. A few examples are as follows:



While she did go on to use some words she could have avoided, her fans hardly obliged to cut her some slack and instead threw brickbats at her as comments started pouring in minutes after she had posted the image.

Given that she also happens to be one of the most good-looking female athletes in the country, many of her fans went to the extent of adding some sexist comments while some others resorted to ridiculing the caption of her image.

In one such comment, a fan criticised her by saying "At least wear your hijab", indicating that they were flabbergasted at the way she appeared in the post.


Another comment questioned her marriage to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and stated that she should have married Indian cricketer Yusuf Pathan.

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The incident not only paints a bad picture, it also goes onto emphasise the fact that women continue to be objectified and are most of the time subject to a lot of criticism even though they have the right to express their needs on social networking sites.

Sania's example is only one amongst the many examples which we come across in our daily life that sheds light on the objectification and criticism of women sports stars and it's high time women are given the right to express their thoughts and also receive equal support and recognition as and when they need it.

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