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Top 10 tennis ball machines that you can buy

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Modified 20 Dec 2019, 20:35 IST

Tennis ball machine
Tennis ball machine

Tennis ball machines are the first thing anyone will buy for extreme tennis practice sessions. These machines are perfect for both amateur and professional tennis players. Tennis ball machines are like personal coaches that every player must possess. These machines come with adjustment options for speed and number of tennis balls that need to be launched. The adjustments provided for ball speed can be altered according to the capacity of the players.

It will also help players improve their stamina, running capacity and control over every ball. Tennis ball machines train players in effective ways to tackle the ball like a pro. The machine will display all the possible kinds of shots, spins, and movements that players possibly face on courts.

In markets, you can get diverse models of ball machines in several colours. Also, there are distinct brands manufacturing tennis ball machines. This is the best and the most recommended way to improve tennis skills of players. Quality tennis ball machines are one of the ideal gifts for tennis players.

Here are the top 10 picks for tennis ball machines for tennis players to buy. 

1. Match Mate Rookie

Match Mate Rookie
Match Mate Rookie

Designed by Match Mate, this tennis ball machine is ideal for all beginners. Interesting features of Match Mate Rookie is that there are ball delay adjustments and triple threat elevation. The machine can launch balls from a speed of 10mph to 30mph.

These are great for learning defense against speedballs and for developing new styles. The material is durable and easy to carry anywhere. Once fully charged, this machine gives 5 hours of continuous play.

2. Spinshot-Pro


This portable tennis ball machine is capable of giving full court oscillations and great spin shots. Spinshot-Pro is easily portable because of its lightweight. The battery stays up to 2 hours completely.


Players can sharpen lateral movement, spins, and other hitting techniques. This machine is able to launch balls randomly on any angle of the court. The machine is also available at an affordable price. It has a simple mechanism which can be handled by anyone. 

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Published 25 Dec 2018, 03:39 IST
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