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VIDEO: Drying the tennis courts - with fire!

545   //    16 Oct 2016, 13:16 IST

Over the years, fans have seen several matches curtailed, postponed and even cancelled because Mother Nature decided to play spoilsport. The recently concluded China Open saw events played – and completed – in quite the hurry as rain pummelled down and soaked courts to the point of unplayability.

We have seen rain hamper the French Open as well – and this clay court at an ATP Challenger event in Casablanca, Morocco, was no different! With a court soaked right through with rain, the local crew had to work overtime once the rain stopped to dry the court. 

How did they do that? Well, that was a novel way and a half! Instead of waiting for sunlight to take its course, the crew doused sections of the court with fuel, likely kerosene, and threw fiery rags on the ignitor. 

That fire quickly dried out the upper surface of the clay court, with workers on court dusting off the precipitate as the court was prepared for players to come back on. 

So if your favourite tennis court has no roof and there’s rain, not to worry! There’s always fuel.

But don’t try this on grass courts – that could have a result you really don’t want! 

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