Which role is Clint Howard playing on The Bold and the Beautiful? Character explored

Clint Howard joins The Bold and the Beautiful as Tom, a homeless man (Image via IMDb)
Clint Howard joins The Bold and the Beautiful as Tom, a homeless man (Image via IMDb)

With the arrival of a new character on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, the world of daytime television is about to get a whole lot more interesting. Actor Clint Howard, who starred in movies like Apollo 13, The Waterboy, and Star Trek: Odd New Worlds, has joined the cast of the show.

He will play Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful, a mysterious homeless man who becomes embroiled in a captivating mystery about Sheila and Sugar that has the entire cast on edge.

The actor was supposed to start filming on March 18, and his episodes were supposed to premiere on April 26 and April 29. Viewers were in for a treat as they watched Clint Howard bring this character to life as Tom started to piece together this intricate and captivating plot.

Clint Howard's role on The Bold and the Beautiful

Howard, who plays the homeless character Tom, will be giving the main cast of the show crucial hints as they attempt to solve an immersing mystery. While Clint Howard has a large filmography spanning more than five decades, his casting on The Bold and the Beautiful marks his soap opera debut.

He expressed his excitement for the opportunity to Soap Opera Digest, saying:

“I would love to be on Bold and the Beautiful for a while because first of all, I really like Sean. I saw this as an opportunity and a challenge…[to]…bring my own sensibilities to the project.”

Clint Howard's role as Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful came about by chance at the Hollywood Collectors Show. A producer, Casey Kasprzyk, overheard Howard and Sean Kanan discussing a homeless character, Tom.

Casey offered Howard the role after being impressed with his impromptu audition. This chance encounter, combined with Howard's spontaneous performance, led to his casting on the show.

Character exploration and background of Tom on The Bold and the Beautiful

Clint Howard, who plays Tom, the homeless character, will provide key clues to the show's main cast as they work to solve a captivating mystery. As a homeless man, Tom most likely has a unique perspective and access to information that the other characters do not, making his contribution to the investigation even more valuable.

In the interview with Soap Opera Digest, Howard said,

"I’m kind of living back behind a liquor store, behind a dumpster, and have made myself a nice little place."

He added,

"Deacon and Finn stumble upon me just by chance in the alley and they asked me a couple of questions. They help me out and I help them out. And they go on their way doing their thing and I go my way and what happens is mysterious and yet it’s cool. Pivotal. Because I end up helping them."

Sugar's disappearance and the mystery surrounding Sheila's whereabouts are at the center of The Bold and the Beautiful's ongoing mystery. Deacon is devotedly looking into Sugar's disappearance because he thinks it may provide insight into Sheila's involvement.

While Finn and Deacon work together to uncover Sheila's true story, Finn is also grappling with the unsettling possibility that Sheila might still be alive. The plot revolves around the characters overcoming personal obstacles and family conflicts in order to unravel Sugar's mysterious disappearance and uncover Sheila's true fate.

Watch The Bold and the Beautiful on CBS and other platforms, including CTV, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and YouTube TV.

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