Who plays Johnny DiMera on Days of Our Lives? All to know

Who plays Johnny DiMera on Days of Our Lives? All to know (Image via Peacock)
Who plays Johnny DiMera on Days of Our Lives? All to know (Image via Peacock)

John 'Johnny' Roman DiMera is a character in the long-running soap opera Days of Our Lives. He is the son of Samantha 'Sami' Gene Brady DiMera and Elvis ‘EJ’ Aaron DiMera. Over the years, various child actors, mostly twins, have portrayed Johnny.

Mark Hapka (later recast as Nathan Horton) also briefly portrayed an older Johnny in 2007 and 2008. In May 2021, it was announced that actor Carson Boatman had been cast to portray the older Johnny DiMera viewers continue to see on the show today.

Boatman, an American actor, singer, and producer hailing from Iowa, made his Days of Our Lives debut on August 18, 2021. His acting credits include roles in the Amazon Prime Video series RUNT and the Netflix film Bedeviled.

Johnny’s introduction on Days of Our Lives

Johnny has a twin sister, Allie Horton, and upon their arrival in the DiMera family, Sami worried about the potential influence of his grandfather Stefano DiMera on the little boy. Despite her concerns, Stefano left them a sizable inheritance for when they turned 21.

As Sami moved on to date Rafe Hernandez, Johnny grew very close to the cop, much to the dismay of Stefano and EJ. In a 2009 storyline, Johnny received a diagnosis of eye cancer, leading to Lexie Carver performing surgery to remove his eye and replace it with a glass one to save his life.

After EJ’s apparent demise, Sami decided to move to California with her children in 2014. Upon an older Johnny's return to Salem, he emerged as a budding filmmaker, eager to portray his mom's life on screen.

Johnny’s possession on Days of Our Lives

After turning down the opportunity at DiMera Enterprises, he quickly developed a crush on Raven Bowens’ Chanel. This landed him in conflict with Allie. Chanel was Allie's best friend, and the two had even shared a kiss before Johnny arrived in town.

Then, in 2022, Johnny became possessed by the Devil. Under this possession, he not only ended his new marriage with Chanel but also developed an interest in DiMera Enterprises, allying with his uncle Jake DiMera and the latter's girlfriend, Gabi Hernandez. The Devil was ultimately expelled from Johnny with Allie's assistance.

Johnny's current storyline on Days of Our Lives

Johnny attempted to mend things with Chanel; however, the latter's feelings for Allie complicated matters, and she ultimately chose Allie (Lindsay Arnold). Feeling estranged from the DiMera family, Johnny found solace in his bond with Ava Vitali. They shared a kiss and came close to intimacy but decided to hold back.

When Wendy Shin arrived, Johnny realized they shared similar objectives and agreed to collaborate on uncovering Wendy's brother, Li Shin's, secrets. Johnny and Wendy began dating in 2023.

But Wendy struggled to choose between Johnny and Tripp. This pushed Johnny closer to Chanel during this period, but both refrained from going further. Under the influence of laced biscuits, Johnny proposed to Chanel but later came clean to Wendy about it.

Johnny recognized his enduring love for Chanel, who was in a burgeoning relationship with Talia Hunter. Eventually, Johnny and Chanel confessed their feelings and opted to take things slow.

In early 2024, Johnny and Chanel decided to remarry. With Paulina Price (Jackée Harry) hospitalized for surgery, they held their ceremony in her hospital room.

Viewers can watch the latest episodes of Days of Our Lives on Peacock.

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