BTS Namjoon escapes a series of chaotic events with the help of friends in ‘Domodachi (feat. Little Simz)’ MV

BTS Namjoon escapes a series of chaotic events with the help of friends in ‘Domodachi (feat. Little Simz)’ MV. (Images via X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)
BTS Namjoon escapes a series of chaotic events with the help of friends in ‘Domodachi (feat. Little Simz)’ MV. (Images via X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)

BTS' leader Kim Namjoon aka RM unveiled the music video for Domodachi (feat. Little Simz), one of the signature tracks from his second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person on May 30, 2024.

This release marks the fourth armament from his new album which got five stars from global music critics, topped the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart and the European iTunes Album Chart, and earned the biggest debut on Spotify in 2024. All these accolades made the GRAMMY-nominated artist the first K-pop and Korean musician to claim in 2024.

The video's cinematography and innovative storytelling along with a fleet of Japanese actors offer fans a glimpse into Namjoon's creative journey.

Namjoon reinforces his stance by refusing to live up to the world's unrealistic expectations of him

Unlike his previous three music videos LOST!, Come Back to Me, and Groin, the BTS leader did not make an appearance in the Dodomochi music video. Japanese actors including Kana Osawa, Hiromu Sugita, Ichita Nohara, Akioto Ogata, and more take viewers on an experience from dusk till dawn.

The video showcases a group of high school kids bicycling and galloping through the streets carefree unbothered by the ongoing chaos around them. This is a significant statement reflecting Namjoon's decision to not succumb to the world's unrealistic expectations of him while he takes a much-needed rest for a short while.

Little Simz comes in strong with her verse where she declares that she has got RM's back along with his other closest friends—such as the BTS members.

The verse, "You know my name, but you don't know me" claps back at everyone who tries to misconstrue RM and his members' words. This further reverberates in his sixth track from the album Groin where the BTS frontman declares that he only represents himself and is not a "politician,", "monk," or a "diplomat." Significantly, "domodachi" is an amalgamation of Japanese words that means "Thank you, friend", which further blends in with the entire concept of his second solo album.

More about Domodachi from Namjoon's second solo album

Domodachi is the fourth track from his new solo album which follows Right Place, Wrong Person, Nuts, and Out of Love, and speaks about how he and his friends have got each others' backs. All the 11 tracks from his new second solo act highlighted the themes of him taking his stand, finding his true voice, and speaking himself, as he decided to carve his own way through stardom while still keeping his humility and authenticity intact and his real friends close.

Furthermore, the 11 new tracks—which are written and co-produced by the BTS frontman—encapsulate the intricacies of feeling like an outsider while showcasing Namjoon's distinctive poetic language and experimental sound. Notably, the songs range from sensual beats to reflective ballads, enticing listeners to explore the depths of his mind.

Right Place, Wrong Person has had a big impact since BIGHIT MUSIC's strong promotional efforts have brought attention to Namjoon's artistic talent, even if he took a break.

Here's the entire cast of Namjoon's latest music video of Domodachi (feat. Little Simz):

  • Kana Osawa
  • Hiromu Sugita
  • Ichita Nohara
  • Akioto Ogata
  • Rento Uno
  • Ryo Tsuchida
  • Airi Shibayama
  • Hideki Ejiri
  • Hideki Taira
  • Yutaro Kikuhara
  • Yohei Shibayama
  • Kousaku Arahari
  • Tatsuya Onda
  • Yasuyuki Miyashita
  • Kentaro Yamada
  • Tomoaki Saito
  • Yuya Kawano
  • Masakazu Matsubara
  • Yuta Minowa

The video, which was directed by Pennacky and guided by San Yawn, perfectly captures Namjoon's unique aesthetic. A talented group including JNKYRD, Sehoon Jang, and director of photography Kohei Shimazu brought their creative flair together to create the song.

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