Fact check: Did BTS Namjoon’s official ‘Right Place Wrong Person’ post get fewer likes on X? Viral post debunked

Fact check: Did BTS Namjoon’s official ‘Right Place Wrong Person’ post get fewer likes on X? (Images via X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)
Fact check: Did BTS Namjoon’s official ‘Right Place Wrong Person’ post get fewer likes on X? (Images via X/@BIGHIT_MUSIC)

On May 29, 2024, BIGHIT MUSIC uploaded a new post regarding BTS Namjoon's latest solo release Right Place, Wrong Person. The post shared information on all the online platforms where fans could stream the album tracks and its lead single LOST! These platforms included Apple Music, DEEZER, Spotify, YouTube, Tidal, Amazon Music, and more. Kim Namjoon aka RM dropped his second solo album Right Place, Wrong Person on May 24, 2024.

The post also consisted of a 30-second clip of the LOST! music video. Surprisingly, it only received about 6,000 likes and over 3,200 retweets on X. Some fans expressed their amazement in the comments and underscored the underwhelming response garnered by the post.

However, a few fans highlighted that the particular post containing Namjoon's music album streaming links could be a "Promoted" post on the social media platform which only targets listeners out of the fanbase. This method is often used to expand one's fanbase and make the album more accessible to new potential followers. Hence, Namjoon's posts amassing fewer likes have been proved inaccurate.

Namjoon's resolute popularity has often resulted in high-engagement online posts

BTS' enormous success and popularity caused K-pop fans to take notice of the dramatic dip. Some fans were surprised by the lower engagement of the post shared by BIGHIT MUSIC on May 29. However, the post was a promoted ad tweet on the platform.

For the unversed, ads on X that are designated as "promoted-only" or "promoted-only posts" are only displayed to people who fit your targeting criteria. Unless they are particularly targeted, they won't show up in search results or on the timelines of your followers. However, Twitter's data partners may examine them for analytical purposes because they are live posts.

Notably, the promoted posts seem like regular posts when viewed by the intended audience. Despite the jeers on X, BTS has maintained its reputation as the most popular boy band in the world. Furthermore, their ongoing military enlistment had little to no effect on the group's popularity. Additionally, he enlisted in December 2023 and will return from the military in June 2025.

Additionally, other X posts of Namjoon's new second solo albums have an average likes of 220,000 likes and reposts. All online tweets about the BTS leader's new album Right Place, Wrong Person have been well-received by his fans, pulling in huge numbers.

Kim Namjoon is one of the most well-known Korean musicians on the Korean Music Copyright Association (KOMCA), having received over 215 KOMCA citations for his compositions. From his second solo album, Namjoon brought in talents like Jclef, Nancy Boy, Unsinkable, Qim Isle, San Yawn, Kim Hanjoo, Marldn, and JNKYRD on songs like LOST!, Groin, Come Back to Me, and more.

Right Place, Wrong Person showcased the BTS leader's extraordinary lyrical abilities. This 11-track album was released almost a year and a half after the K-pop sensation's debut solo album Indigo. Furthermore, with his lead track Wild Flower from Indigo, he made his debut as a solo artist on the Billboard Hot 100. He also became the first K-pop soloist to remain for six weeks on the Billboard 200 list.

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