Fact Check: Did BTS' RM say he felt like he "would want to die" while performing as the K-pop group's leader? Viral article debunked

BTS' Jimin and RM (Image via YouTube/@BANGTANTV)

On Saturday, May 25, BTS' RM and Jimin released a YouTube video titled Mini & Moni Music through their group's official channel, @BTS. In the video, the two talked about several things. This included RM's new album release, Right Place, Wrong Person, his recent activities, their thoughts on BTS as a group, amongst others. During the same, the idol was seen expressing his thoughts on his position as BTS' leader.

RM stated that as BTS continued to grow in popularity, the weight of being a leader of such a renowned group, especially for a span of ten years, began to get heavier. He also added that the weight grew into a need to please and satisfy others, and this constant thought of what others were or would think about the group began to overwhelm him.

RM then said that that often resulted in him feeling like he wanted to die. This led to a few misunderstandings when the Korean outlet, Pannchoa, wrote an article misinterpreting his words. While the idol referred to emotions arising from the duties of being BTS' leader as the cause behind those feelings, the article stated that he was referring to the very act of performing as BTS' leader.

However, that wasn't the case. Here's what the idol stated:

"But for the past ten years, we felt this burden. At some point, we just had to be conscientious and different. I love BTS because of our music, but if I kept caring about what everyone else thought...If I kept going like this, I just... I felt like I would want to die. Being unable to say the things I want to say."

BTS' RM talks about his role as the K-pop group's leader in the recent Mini & Moni Music YouTube video

On May 25, RM and Jimin released a video titled Mini and Moni Music. In the video, the two BTS members talked about several things while discussing and listening to RM's latest album, Right Place, Wrong Person. While listening to the track, Groin, Jimin expressed that he was shocked at how direct and straightforward his lyrics were.


RM explained that he said everything he wanted to say in the album. Herein, he began to talk about the weight of being a part of BTS and being its leader. He expressed that being a part of a respectable and reputed K-pop group made him very self-conscious. This motivated him to create his own album where he could say things that he had been wanting to without affecting BTS' image.

Here's what he said,

"In our team, I'm the one who says all the right things, the nice things. I step up to represent the team. That's what I always do, and people expect me to make speeches and do interviews in English."

He continued to explain,

"And to speak out and things like that. But I'm actually just an unimportant 29-year-old guy living in Korea. That's just who I am. I guess I couldn't say I'm average but I’m just a 29-year-old who lives a life a little different from others."

Jimin expressed that he and the other members could see that the idol was having a hard time functioning as the BTS leader, as it comes with a huge responsibility. He stated that he was glad to see RM freely being himself and expressing his thoughts through his recent album.

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