Global Cyber University announces legal action against false information related to BTS

Global Cyber University announces legal action against false information related to BTS (Image via Btsbighit/Instagram)
Global Cyber University announces legal action against false information related to BTS (Image via Btsbighit/Instagram)

On April 30, 2024, South Korean media outlet Segye Ilbo reported that Global Cyber University would take legal action against anyone making derogatory statements about it and against anyone spreading false information related to BTS.

"We will take strong legal action against the malicious slander against the university that is being spread indiscriminately," the educational institution said in a statement.

Recently, a controversial claim surfaced, alleging that HYBE and BTS were linked to a cult organization known as Dahn World. This accusation, which has gained traction on social media, suggests that HYBE promoted the message of Dahn World through its groups like GFRIEND and LE SSERAFIM.

Lee Seung-heon, the founder of Dahn World, also established Global Cyber University, where six of the seven BTS members studied. This led to the speculations that HYBE was somehow associated with the cult.

"We will not back down" — Global Cyber University defends BTS members and denies allegations of its association with Dahn World

Social media has been abuzz with reports that Global Cyber University is related to a meditation group, Dahn World, which is allegedly involved in cult and religious activities. Some reports also suggest that BTS members who graduated from the institution were admitted into the university through their connections with Dahn World.

Global Cyber University has firmly denied all allegations, saying it does not conduct classes on religious lines and is legally detached from religious organizations. The university further emphasized that it does not operate religious facilities.

The Global Cyber University also refuted claims that BTS members joined the educational institution through their ties with Dahn World. The institution reported that BTS attended the university even before their official debut.

"The BTS members were selected through an audition by Big Hit Entertainment in 2010 and debuted in 2013 and the time of admission was before or immediately after their debut, so it is unreasonable to associate them with a specific group. All of them entered Global Cyber University before their official debut as BTS or before they became famous," a statement from the university read.

BTS members Suga, RM, j-hope, Kim Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook were admitted to the educational institution.

The Global Cyber University requested netizens stop spreading false information about the celebrity students who were admitted to their school. An official from the institution stated that their school is a four-year distance university under the Higher Education Act. It was officially established with the approval of the Ministry of Education in 2010, and graduates obtain a regular bachelor's degree.

"Our school is a four-year university approved by the Ministry of Education with administrative and legal independence. With all our classes being online, many officer workers and celebrities enroll in our classes. Please stop spreading false information about the celebrity students who enrolled in the school by choice to work hard on their careers," the university stated (as translated by the Koreaboo).

The university announced that it was gathering evidence and would take legal action against derogatory and malicious posts.

"The school is collecting evidence to take legal action against those spreading defamatory and malicious posts. We will not back down against those who defame the university, its students, and the faculty and staff who have worked hard for the students over the past 14 years."

The university also announced its stance on the Ilji Art Hall controversy, where BTS held its debut performance. An official from the educational university explained that everyone, including celebrities and agencies, could utilize the space.

As soon as the ARMYs read the Global Cyber University's statement, they rejoiced and declared that those spreading malicious lies would be severely punished. The fandom demanded that the BTS members be protected at all costs.

BTS members RM, Jin, j-hope, Suga, Jimin, Kim Taehyung, and Jungkook are serving their mandatory military service. Following the completion of their duty, they are expected to reunite in 2025.

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