HYBE faces backlash for alleged decreased effort into creating BTS' Namjoon's 'Right Place, Wrong Person' merch products

HYBE faces backlash for alleged decreased effort into creating BTS Namjoon
HYBE faces backlash for alleged decreased effort into creating BTS' Namjoon's merch collection (Images via X/@HYBE_MERCH)

On May 27, 2024, HYBE gave BTS fans a closer look at Namjoon's Right Place, Wrong Person merch collection. The next day, the company introduced the exclusive ensemble to the eagerly awaiting fanbase. Among the collection were pillow covers with Right Place and Wrong Person written separately to come as a pair, mugs, coffee mugs, door hangers, stickers, and more. The merch collection is available at Weverse Shop globally.

However, the anticipation and excitement that the label had built around the new launch yesterday was washed away with sighs of disappointment. Fans were disheartened to see the alleged lack of effort in designing the merch collection of the album they loved so much. Several BTS ARMYs came forward and commented that HYBE should fire their creative team and designers who came up with the collection ideas.

"Gonna complain abt this publicly. the indigo merch was a million times prettier and more well-thought out. hybe needs new designers. just my personal thoughts!" — an X user wrote.
"Can Hybe just give the Merch design business to ARMYs...This one is by an ARMY...Cos they arent even trying anymore, its more like the mass produced things that anyone can print on...The ones you KNOW Tannies pitched in for idea, were cool as hell.. They were unique...Now its just print on. Even PTD merch was good... Lack of effort is not just in marketing but in merch too.. BTS gotta come back fast lol" — another X user wrote.
"Merch is probably the only aspect of RPWP that Hybe had a majority say in and of course they screwed up. Such an innovative album deserves far cooler merch. Honestly all we would’ve needed are a buch of those cute little mini joon figures from LOST!" — an X user wrote.

Numerous fans wrote that they find it "disgusting" that the company created a connection with Namjoon's latest second album. They stated that the coffee mugs and pillow covers could be found at any local store with a fraction of the merch price.

"Not to be that person but i find truly disgusting how every merch of their art since they enlisted lacks any true connection to the original pieces! it’s not worth your money let’s keep up the boycott!!" — an X user wrote.
"You could rly tell how little hybe have been involved in rpwp cuz the difference in quality speaks for itself" — another user wrote.
"These designs are so lazy,, you can accidentally come across these exact mugs at your local marshalls" — said another user.
"The way they don’t put any effort in anymore to make merch that has a nice design because they know you will buy it either way is embarrassing. I’m surprised how you guys haven’t seen this as an insult yet" — an X user wrote.

However, some fans found the designs "absolutely" fitting.

"It does not surprise me that Joon's RPWP merch is chill & low-key. It absolutely fits." — an X user wrote.
"This is a need!! I need this and Monochrome merch so bad," wrote another one.

Namjoon's Right Place, Wrong Person merch collection disappoints fans

Expectant fans of Namjoon, who have been waiting for the album's merch collection to be released, were shocked to see the lack of creativity and lashed out at HYBE. They had expected that the merch would include cups with "Inside Namjoon's head" printed on them and small figurines from the music video of LOST!

However, a few thought that the merch concept could have been "minimalistic" to stay at par with Namjoon aka RM's album's concept. Although the viewpoint by the majority wasn't very favorable toward the products.

The South Korean musician released his second solo album digitally on May 24, 2024. Despite being enlisted in the military in December 2023, he prepared the album starting in February of last year and completed its recording, music video filming, and promotional videos, to give his fans one last gift before he returns in June 2025.

Fans lauded Namjoon's dedication, creative flair, and new experimental alternative music which was reflected in his new solo act, which earned him the biggest debut on Spotify as the first Korean and K-pop soloist in 2024 with over 14 million streams. The lead track LOST! entered at No.1 on the Worldwide iTunes Song Chart on its opening day and reigned for three days.

Namjoon's album entered the top spot of the European iTunes Albums Chart on its debut day as well, making him the first Asian rapper and Korean/K-pop soloist in 2024 do to so. Furthermore, listeners across the world lauded Namjoon for creating tracks in his new set which reminded them of the 2000 hip-hop music scene.

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