“I will always be here”- Lovely Runner fictional boy band, Eclipse announces conclusion of activities in a heartwarming post following finale

Eclipse band from Lovely Runner (Images Via Instagram/@tvn_drama)
Eclipse band from Lovely Runner (Images Via Instagram/@tvn_drama)

The fictional band Eclipse from the tvN drama Lovely Runner has announced the conclusion of its activities. Moreover, on May 29, from 10 pm to 12 am KST, they will be running a music download campaign in support of the band's last activity.

On May 28, 2023, tvN broadcasted the final episode of the time slip rom-com drama Lovely Runner featuring Byeon Woo-seok, Kim Hye-yoon, Song Geon-hee, and Lee Seung-hyub.

The main character Ryu Sun-jae played by Byeon Woo-seok was a part of the band named Eclipse. The group consists of four members including Ryu Sun-jae, Baek In-hyuk played by N.flying's Lee Seung-hyub, Hyun-soo depicted by Moon Xion, and Jay played by Yang Hyuk.

Following the drama,'s end the official page of Eclipse on X (formerly Twitter) @eclipse_steam, released a statement regarding the group's activities. They published a heartwarming statement congratulating Ryu Sun-jae on his wedding to Im Sol (Kim Hye-yoon). They wrote:

“This Eumchong (sound recording) team sincerely congratulates Sunjae Ryu on his marriage, and would like to express our gratitude and support to Sunjae Ryu, who has made us happy for 15 years.”

They further added:

“No matter what time zone you are in, please diligently come back to 2024 when we were hot! I will always be here, thank you!”
Eclipse's official statement (Images Via X/@eclipse_steam)
Eclipse's official statement (Images Via X/@eclipse_steam)

Lovely Runner band Eclipse's success on the music charts

The drama Lovely Runner followed the story of a fan Im Sol and her favorite idol Ryu Sun-jae who was a part of the band Eclipse. Ryu Sun-jae passed away due to a tragic event. On the other hand, Im Sol received a golden opportunity to go back 15 years in time to save her bias.

The band Eclipse served as a crucial part of the plotline in several timelines of this time slip series. As a part of the original soundtrack of Lovely Runner, multiple songs have been released under the name of the band on music services platforms including Melon, Spotify, and more. The group has released songs including Sudden Shower, You & I, I'll Be There, Run Run and No Fate.

On May 24, 2024, Sudden Shower sung by actor Byeon Woo-seok entered the Top 5 of Melon Top 100 chart, surpassing songs by many popular artists. The Record of Youth actor took to his Weverse account to celebrate this moment.

Notably, Eclipse has over 2.4 million monthly listeners on Spotify. The song Sudden Shower which served as the group's debut track plays a pivotal part in the story of Ryu Sun-jae and Im Sol. In reality, the song has surpassed 15 million streams on Spotify. Moreover, other songs have each surpassed 2 million plays on the platform.

In the drama, Ryu Sun-jae penned Sudden Shower for his first love Im Sol when it suddenly started raining. Ryu Sun-jae was not fond of the rain to the point where he detested it.

However, when he saw Im Sol running towards him holding a yellow umbrella, Ryu Sun-jae fell in love with her. Im Sol, who later became his fan, only found out about this once she traveled back in time.

On May 28, a group viewing event of the final episode of Lovely Runner with fans and the cast members was held at the CGV Yongsan I’Park Mall. All four cast members: Byeon Woo-seok, Lee Seung-hyub, Moon Xion, and Yang Hyuk who were a part of the band Eclipse were present at the event. Along with Lead actress Kim Hye-yoon.

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