Lovely Runner’s fictional boy band, Eclipse, enters the Melon Top 100 chart with the song ‘Sudden Shower’, leaving crew members shocked

Lovely Runner
Lovely Runner's fictional band Eclipse (Image Via Instagram/@tvn_drama)

Lovely Runner's fictional boy band Eclipse entered the Melon Top 100 chart with the song Sudden Shower. The rom-com drama featuring Byeon Woo-seok Kim Hye-yoon and more has been in the spotlight for its interesting storyline and captivating performances by the actors.

While the drama gained attention, the fictional band Eclipse has also been receiving appreciation from fans as the song Sudden Shower has reached rank No. 8 on the Top 100 chart of the music service platform Melon. Their song Run Run has also entered the chart at No. 76.

This has left the crew members in shock as Byeon Woo-seok’s agency VARO Entertainment took to Instagram to celebrate Sudden Shower reaching No. 8 on the Melon Top 100 chart on May 14.

As per Spotify, Sudden Shower has over 7.3 million streams, Run Run has surpassed 2.3 million plays on the platform. This fictional group has released two more tracks named You & I and No Fate, notably both of the songs have over a million streams on Spotify.

More about Lovely Runner's fictional boy band Eclipse

Lovely Runner is based on the webtoon called Tomorrow's Best, which follows the story of a K-pop idol Ryu Sun-jae portrayed by actor Byeon Woo-seok, who is popular for his vocal and acting prowess. He ends up losing him because of the challenges he faces in the industry.

However, his avid fan Im Sol, played by actress Kim Hye-yoon, gains the power to turn back time and prevent incidents that could lead to his tragic death.

Meanwhile, Ryu Sun-jae is a part of the boy band Eclipse with three more members: Bae In Hyuk (played by N.Flying's Lee Seung-hyub), Hyun-soo (played by Moon Xion), and Jay (played by Yang Hyuk). The drama, Sudden Shower is written and performed by Ryu Sun-jae where he describes the feeling of falling in love for the first time and how it changes your life.

He dedicated this song to his crush Im Sol, whom he fell in love with at first sight while it poured suddenly. While confessing his love for Im Sol, Ryu Sun-jae revealed detesting the rains. However, ever since he saw her, he started liking the rain. Meanwhile, Im Sol, being a fan of Eclipse and Ryu Sun-jae who knows the song by heart, finds out about her being the muse after traveling back in time.

Lovely Runner dictates a buzz-worthy K-Drama of the week list

Lovely Runner ranked number 1 on the weekly buzz-worthy K-Drama list this week for the very first time since its premiere. The drama has received much attention online and has become one of the most talked about shows. According to Good Data Corporation, the list is determined based on dramas mentioned in news, blog posts, online communities, videos, and posts on social media.

Furthermore, Byeon Woo-seok reigned the weekly buzz-worthy actors’ list at No. 1, while Kim Hye-yoon secured the second position. Actor Song Geon-hee, who portrays the character of Kim Tae-sung in the drama, made it to the list at number 7. Meanwhile, N. Flying member Lee Seung-hyub ranked No. 10.

Lovely Runner airs every Monday and Tuesday on the South Korean TV channel tvN at 8:50 pm Korean Standard Time. The rom-com drama is also on the OTT platform TVING. International viewers and fans can catch up on the drama on the OTT platform Rakuten Viki.

Edited by Pradyot Hegde
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