"He’s such a tease"- Fans react as dancer on BTS' Jungkook 'Standing Next To You shares a hilarious behind-the-scenes video

Backup dancer on BTS’ Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next To You’ shares a video on how the singer recorded his mistake to tease him (Image via @calvinklein/X)
Backup dancer on BTS’ Jungkook’s ‘Standing Next To You’ shares a video on how the singer recorded his mistake to tease him (Image via @calvinklein/X)

On May 28, 2024, a Backup dancer from BTS' Jungkook's Standing Next to Yo MV shared a clip on their social media account @mmoceanss on TikTok revealing how the Golden Maknae recorded him making a mistake during their performance.

In the clip shared by the Backup dancer, BTS' Jungkook could be seen holding a mobile phone in his hand and playing the Standing Next to You choreography unedited version, which he seemingly recorded from the camera. Golden Maknae's laughter can also be heard in the background.

The backup dancer captioned his TikTok post:

"This was the funniest mess up of my career. We usually spin but one take they said stop. After it happned @AbjkMRstY came up to us and was like look.... He freaking recoded the take on his phone to make fun of me hahaha and then kept playing it even at dinner. the laughs. miss you JK. Miss all."

(It should be noted Jungkook's TikTok username is @AbjkMRstY.)

Soon, the clip went viral on social media, where ARMYs expressed that they had been missing Jungkook since he enlisted for his mandatory military service. While others agreed with the Backup dancer's caption about longing, others could understand why the Golden Maknae continued to tease him even at the dinner. One user tweeted:

"I can imagine JK doing this haha. He’s such a tease. I’m sure he brings such a loving & positive aura everywhere he goes. No wonder everyone has such amazing things to say after getting to work with him."

Netizens stated that they loved the relationship between Jungkook and his colleagues. They also cited that due to the Golden Maknae's personality, it was common for him to tease the Backup dancer for a silly mistake. The fandom also remembered the times he teased fellow group member Jimin for a dance move from Save Me.

"kept playing it even at dinner" This is so jungkook. Remember how he keep teasing jimin for that dance move in "Save Me" even until ptd concert. He'll never forget."- A user said.
"I really like the relationship between Jungkook and the Golden Boys dancers. Jungkook is very kind and warm in front of the screen and behind the screen. You can see from the posts of Jungkook's dancers who feel lost and will miss him. He has to go to the military."- A user reacted.

Netizens continued to weave a plethora of compliments for the idol's carefree and entertaining personality. They stated:

"Jungkook has the biggest baby brother energy. He's NOT going to miss an opportunity to tease you and giggle about it, so cute."- A fan commented.
"I miss him. My love for you is something I couldnt put into words. So much love. When I miss u I watch all your 2 hours live." - A fan reacted.
"He is loved by all and missed by everyone. Please someone give BTS back please!!! Enough is enough, they've served enuf......"- A fan shared.

BTS' Jungkook released his Standing Next to You

as the leading track of the solo debut album GOLDEN

BTS member released his solo debut studio album GOLDEN on November 3, 2023, through Big Hit Music. The album is a pop record and features 11 tracks, including Standing Next to You as the leading track. The official music video of Standing Next to You and its choreography version was dropped on November 3 and November 7, 2023, respectively.

featuring BTS member (Image via @calvinklein/X)
featuring BTS member (Image via @calvinklein/X)

It was the Standing Next to You choreography version music video, which the BTS' member recorded on his phone to tease the Backup dancer, as showcased in the Backup dancer's TikTok update.

Meanwhile, following tracks are featured in the Golden Maknae studio album:

  1. 3D (featuring Jack Harlow)
  2. Closer to You (featuring. Major Lazer)
  3. Seven (featuring Latto) (explicit version)
  4. Standing Next to You
  5. Yes or No
  6. Please Don't Change (DJ Snake)
  7. Hate You
  8. Somebody
  9. Too Sad to Dance
  10. Shot Glass of Tears
  11. Seven (featuring Latto) (clean version)

BTS' member enlisted for his mandatory military service on December 12, 2023, alongside fellow group member Jimin. He is expected to be discharged in 2025.

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