Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 finale: Final couples, episode highlights, Dahye and Donjin's chart-topping conversation, & more

Transit Love 3 Stills (Image via Instagram/@tving.official)
Transit Love 3 Stills (Image via Instagram/@tving.official)

On Friday, April 19, the final episode of Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 was released. The final couples of the South Korean reality show were revealed, where some people got back with their exes and others found new love during their time in the house.

Naturally, the audience underwent a roller coaster of emotions as they encountered the conversations between the show's contestants. Transit Love 3 was quite a commercial success, and the show surely met the standards and reputation it set for itself with its previous two seasons.

Transit Love is a South Korean reality dating show produced by TVING. The show brings together exes under the same house, without telling the contestants who the ex-couples were. Fueled with emotions, drama, and edge-of-the-seat experience for the viewers, the show easily stands as one of the popular reality dating shows.

Transit Love (EXchange) 3 finale: Episode highlights, final couples, dating updates, & more

Transit Love (EXchange) season 3 was finally wrapped up on April 19, and several of the contestants chose to get back together with their exes after their time in the house. However, the contestants that didn't mend their previous relationships, ended up finding new partners. The couples who ended up together are:

  • Sangjeong and Minhyung (ex-couple)
  • Hyewon and Dongjin (new couple)
  • Yujung and Juwon (ex-couple)

Apart from these three couples, there were a few contestants whose whose choice wasn't reciprocated:

  • Jungeun -> Juwon
  • Dahye -> Changjin
  • Gwangtae -> Seokyung
  • Seokyung -> Juwon
  • Juwon -> Yujung
  • Hwihyun -> Hyewon

However, only a few of the couples continued to date after the dating show's end. Towards the end of the finale episode, an update on who still continued to see each other was revealed. Sangjeong & Minhyung, as well as and Yujung & Changjin, are currently dating. Since there were no updates on Dongjin & Hyewon, the couple most likely broke up.

Apart from the conclusions of Transit Love 3's finale, there are also several other highlights of the show that fans can't stop talking about. As Dahye and Dongjin were driving, they had a heartfelt conversation that brought not just the couple but also the audience to tears. The two dated prior to their appearance in the show, and while several fans rooted for them, they chose to part ways.

The two talked about how much they appreciate each other's presence in their lives and confessed that they enjoyed their dating period. Though they stated that it physically hurt them to separate, they came to a mutual decision to break up. As the two sobbed hard, Dongjin dropped her off at Changjin's location and drove back crying his heart out.

Another couple that chose to separate ways was Juwon and Seokyung. They talked about how though they were similar to one another, their temper has become a barrier for them to bond and open up to one another. Before parting ways, they hugged each other. Though Seokhyung chose Juwon as her final decision, she still appreciated her relationship with Gwangtae by writing him a handwritten letter.

The finale also showcased that the cast as a group still continued to hang out after the show. Given that the contestants spent a long time together in the house, opening up vulnerable topics, they naturally formed a close bond. Several pictures of the cast meeting up with one another and going on vacations were posted towards the end credits of the show.

For those who couldn't catch the premiere, the entire show and the final episode of Transit Love 3 are available for streaming on TVING.

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