The Whirlwind: Release date, plot, cast, all you need to know about upcoming drama

The Whirlwind: Release date, air time, plot, cast, all you need to know about upcoming drama(Image via @@netflixkcontent/X)
The Whirlwind: Release date and plot (Image via X/@netflixkcontent)

The upcoming political and thriller series The Whirlwind will be released on June 28, 2024. The twelve-episode drama will be available to stream on Netflix and is the first series where the veteran actor Sol Kyung-gu has participated as the protagonist.

According to Netflix, the official synopsis for the upcoming series is as follows:

"A whirlwind clash ensues when a deputy prime minister of the economy stands against the prime minister who aims to uproot the corrupt powers that be."

It is helmed by director Kim Yong-wan and the renowned screenwriter Park Kyung-soo. The drama features actors, including Sol Kyung-gu, Kim Hee-ae, Kim Mi-sook, Lee Hae-young, and other artists.

The Whirlwind plot, casting details, and more

The Whirlwind will revolve around the political struggle between the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in South Korea, who have their own agenda. After assassinating the President, the Prime Minister embarks on a journey of digging into the alleged crimes of his son, uprooting the deputy prime minister and others standing in the path of his goals.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Prime Minister faces the challenges head-on, and thus, fierce political struggle begins, which covers South Korea. The Whirlwind features veteran actors, including Sol Kyung-gu and Kim Hee-ae. They will chronicle the characters of Park Dong-ho and Jeong Su-jin, respectively.

Sol Kyung-gu as Park Dong-ho

Sol Kyung-gu will chronicle the character of Prime Minister Park Dong-ho, who kills the President on purpose and goes on a power struggle with the deputy prime minister. After confessing his crime of murdering the President in front of the nation, he pleads with people to give him some time to uproot the corruption and evil prevailing in the country.

The veteran actor Sol Kyung-gu is famous for films, including The Boys, Heartbeat, Phantom, Kill Bok Soon, The Moon and others. He is reportedly confirmed to appear in the upcoming drama Hyper Knife.

Kim Hee-ae as Jeong Su-jin

Kim Hee-ae will chronicle the character of Deputy Prime Minister Jeong Su-jin in the upcoming series The Whirlwind. Jeong Su-jin will go against Prime Minister Park Dong and fight to get the seat of power in her hands. She believes political power is superior to any morals and values.

Kim Hee-ae is known for dramas such as Mrs.Cop, The World of the Married, Queenmaker, Secret Love Affair, Midas, and other series.

Trailer and teasers

Netflix dropped two teaser posters and a trailer for the upcoming political series, The Whirlwind. While the first poster features Prime Minister Park Dong-ho and Deputy Prime Minister Jeong Su-jin in a confrontational position, the second poster provides a glimpse of the President, who has collapsed on the floor.

The trailer also showcases a glimpse that after the President's seeming death, the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister are involved in a power struggle, hatching a conspiracy to make their plans successful.

Park Dong-ho confesses to having killed the President in the name of justice, embarks on digging into details about his son, and plans to capture Jeong Su-jin and the Daejin group altogether. Meanwhile, Jeong Su-jin plans out her foul play to capture political power.

The K-drama Community is excited to see what kind of political narrative The Whirlwind offers.

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