Fan-made Viking Wolverine is already winning over the internet

Logan the Wolf fan film (Image via @maxime_ecoiffier/ Instagram)
Logan the Wolf fan film (Image via @maxime_ecoiffier/ Instagram)

A Marvel-inspired fan-made Viking Wolverine short film released on May 17 on YouTube made a splash on social media with its bloody take on the famed comics-spawned mutant hero.

The fan film, Logan the Wolf, is by French filmmaker, stuntman, and fight choreographer Godefroy Ryckewaert, whose stunt and fight work credits include The 355, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets, The Witcher series, and the upcoming dark thriller The Crow.

Set in a desolate, post-apocalyptic world, the Wolverine fan film is a rendition of the iconic mutant as a Viking warrior. It reinvents Wolverine as a bloodthirsty fighter among fur-clad warriors in pretty much a 10-minute violent and brutal action sequence, featuring excellent work from Ryckewaert’s stunt team.

A brief intro of the fan-made film from Ryckewaert via Instagram:

“Proud to finally release our #Wolverine fanfilm called “LOGAN THE WOLF.” Available on YouTube in 4K, with French subtitles.”

Although the film only clocks at just under 12 minutes, it wowed numerous viewers, many of which took to the comments section to express their praises and amazement over Ryckewaert’s Logan the Wolf.

Commenting on the fan film’s fight sequences, one viewer said they “haven’t seen a better fight in anything [they’ve] consumed for the past decade.” Another one mentioned that “less than 30 minutes into the fighting and [it’s] already better choreography than any Hollywood movie.”

Viewers praise Logan the Wolf fan film (Image via @Godefroyryckewaert/ YouTube)
Viewers praise Logan the Wolf fan film (Image via @Godefroyryckewaert/ YouTube)

A commenter also likened the short film’s stunt work to “John Wick fast fighting choreography.”

More netizens praise Logan the Wolf fan film (Image via @Godefroyryckewaert/ YouTube)
More netizens praise Logan the Wolf fan film (Image via @Godefroyryckewaert/ YouTube)

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Ryckewaert’s Logan the Wolf is also a home run for other fans who shared the clip and their appreciation of the film via X.

“This Logan: The Wolf film is essentially Viking Wolverine as John Wick. If you love action, you need to watch it,” one X user commented.
“Logan the Wolf by #GodefroyRyckewaert is a pretty incredible fan film Wolverine!! I was locked in during this 10+ min film with the insane choreography in the fight scenes!” another commenter said on X.
“When a short fan film is better than a Marvel movie…wow.,” wrote another X user.

Based on the over two million views Ryckewaert’s fan-made Viking Wolverine film has on YouTube and its reception so far, it’s fair to say that Logan the Wolf is one of the better fan films to watch for fans out there.

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What is the fan-made Viking Wolverine Logan the Wolf film all about?


As the title suggests, this fan-made Viking Wolverine short film sees Logan (Maxime Ecoiffer), aka Wolverine, as a lone warrior living in the woods during the Viking age. The narrative begins with a group of ill-advised bounty hunters attacking the far more bloodthirsty and cold-blooded take on the mutant superhero.

While Logan, who refers to himself as ‘Fenrir’s Fury,’ puts up a good fight against his attackers using bladed weapons, they eventually get the better of him. Fortunately for him, his healing factor ensured that he survived the attack.

Once he regained his footing, armed with his iconic claws and his berserker rage, Logan made short work of his enemies, resulting in a bloodbath and an introduction to a Viking-age version of another character who offers to join forces with him.

The fan-made Viking Wolverine film’s post-credits reveal who this character is supposed to be—Magneto.

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Ryckewaert’s fan-made Viking Wolverine comes about two short months before the iconic mutant character returns to the big screen in Deadpool & Wolverine, slated to hit theaters on July 26. The upcoming film, the only MCU release in 2024, marks Hugh Jackman’s return as Logan, despite the actor previously saying that he’s done playing the role.

Besides the razor-sharp claws, Ryckewaert’s fan-made Viking Wolverine short film has another feature that is accurate to the comics’ depiction of the character—Wolverine’s berserker rage. The feral mutant, who somehow lost his ‘feral’ state in the past decade, regains his temper and bloodlust in Ryckewaert’s Logan the Wolf.

His penchant for violence is evident in the stunt-filled fan film where things get bloody for the bone-clawed mutant.

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Featuring cinematography by Teddy Masson and visual effects by Laurent Busson, Ryckewaert’s fan-made Viking Wolverine Logan the Wolf film is currently available for streaming on YouTube.

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