Venom 3 will reportedly feature a major character that will tie in with Spider-Man

Tom Hardy as Venom in the first film (Image via Sony Pictures Entertainment, Venom trailer 2, 02:33)
Tom Hardy as Venom in the first film (Image via Sony Pictures Entertainment, Venom trailer 2, 02:33)

It looks like Venom 3, which is titled Venom: The Last Dance, is reportedly set to introduce Peter Parker into Sony's Spider-Man Universe of Marvel Characters, but not in the way you might have expected it to. According to YouTuber 3C Films, the upcoming sequel starring Tom Hardy will feature a 10-year-old Peter Parker that Eddie Brock will be looking after in the film.

This would make Venom 3 the first film in Sony's Spider-Man cinematic universe to feature the character in any major capacity. After previously being mentioned in Morbius and then being shown as a newborn in Madame Web, it looks like the character whose villains this universe was completely based on will finally be getting the time to shine.

What role will Peter Parker have in Venom 3?

According to 3C Films, Venom 3 will be building upon the post-credits of Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Spider-Man: No Way Home. The prior film's post-credits saw Venom and Eddie escape after defeating Carnage, but then be transported to the Marvel Cinematic Universe where they were made aware of Tom Holland's Spider-Man, and then boosted back to their own universe at the end of the latter film.

Over here, the idea of the symbiote hive mind was introduced where Venom is aware of his other counterparts in different universes and is also aware that his death comes at the hands of Spider-Man (a nod to the ending of Spider-Man 3).

Hence Venom 3, will reportedly follow the titular symbiote who wants to seek out Peter Parker and kill him first before he can get to him.

However, the issue that he runs into is that Peter Parker is just 10 years old in this universe, and Eddie ends up bonding with the kid and decides not to kill him. 3C Films also described that one of the scenes in the movie will involve young Peter being introduced to spiders and having an allergic reaction to them, which causes Eddie to take him to a hospital and pretend to be his dad.

With this being the final Venom film, it would certainly make sense to finally introduce Peter Parker into this world given how much this universe has shied away from showcasing Spider-Man.

Who is the villain in Venom 3?

According to 3C Films, Venom 3 will also reportedly feature the symbiote Toxin as the main villain. Stephen Graham will return to play Detective Patrick Mulligan who will be the host for the Toxin symbiote, and he will also be going after Peter Parker and Venom.

Alongside that, actor Chiwetel Ejiofor will also reportedly be playing Orwell Taylor, the leader of the group known as The Jury, and he will wage a war against the symbiote after his son was killed by Carnage during the events of the last film.

Eddie's love interest in Venom 3, Patricia Robinson - played by Juno Temple, is also set to reportedly become the symbiote Scream. So it looks like the film will be jam-packed with symbiote action throughout, and that Tom Hardy's Marvel anti-hero will be going out on an explosive note.

You can check out Venom: The Last Dance exclusively in cinemas when the Kelly Marcel-directed film releases in theatres on October 25, 2024.

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