What is Heather Donahue's net worth? Actress recalls how she and The Blair Witch Project co-stars were denied film's profits

Rei Hance (formerly Heather Donahue) (Image via @reihance/ Instagram)
Rei Hance (formerly Heather Donahue) (Image via @reihance/ Instagram)

Former actress Heather Donahue found global fame after portraying the ill-fated female lead in the 1999 supernatural horror found-footage film The Blair Witch Project.

The creepy horror movie earned the actress several nominations and a Best Actress Award from the Fangio Chainsaw Awards and the Online Film Critics Society.

Donahue, who has since changed her name to Rei Hance after leaving show business, made a career change from horror actress to medical marijuana grower. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Heather Donahue has an estimated net worth of $400 thousand.

While some of her fortune is accumulated from her nearly a decade in show business, the actress claimed that she and her co-stars missed on some profits from The Blair Witch Project during an interview with Variety on June 12.

Heather Donahue and other The Blair Witch Project co-stars claim to have missed out on profits from the show

Over two decades later, Heather Donahue, now Rei Hance, is still best known for The Blair Witch Project, which premiered at the Sundance Festival in 1999 and became a massive hit.

She might have retired, but the ghost of The Blair Witch Project has not left the actress. Recently, she had a reunion with co-stars Michael C. Williams and Joshua Leonard with Variety to discuss their debut feature and how they feel like they have "missed out" on profits from the film.

In the interview, she said:

"We were not going to get anything. We were being cut out of something that we were intimately involved with creating."

It was among the realizations the actress had following subsequent events regarding the Blair Witch reboots.

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Heather Donahue was admittedly blindsided when their faces and names were used to promote a new sequel, which they weren't consulted about.

In 2000, the three actors rallied to sue Artisan after the release of the sequel Book of Shadows: Blair Witch 2, which earned them roughly $300,000 each in a settlement. It comes years after the film broke the $100 million domestic box office mark and Artisan, who purchased the film from Sundance for $1.1 million, only set each of the actors a fruit basket.

The OG Blair Witch film earned about $248 million worldwide. Talking about the financial aspects later in the interview, Donahue further said:

"Is there value there or not? If there's value, compensate us accordingly, and if there's no value, then stop using us."

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The former actress has also noted that they have requested retroactive and residual payments for the Blair Witch reboot as well as "meaningful consultation" from Lionsgate, who purchased Artisan in 2003, about any future projects related to the film that would likely use their faces and names.

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Heather Donahue has appeared in numerous other films and TV shows since the 1999 horror film, including Boys and Girls (2000), The Big Time (2002), and Taken (2002). However, Donahue didn't stay in Hollywood for very long. Her last acting credit was in the direct-to-DVD horror film The Morgue in 2008.

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