Who dies in Rebel Moon parts 1 and 2? Every death explained

Rebel Moon featured the violent struggles and consequent fatalities of many rebels against imperial expansion, set in space (Image via Netflix)
Rebel Moon (Image via Instagram/@rebelmoonnetflix)

Zack Snyder's Rebel Moon has quickly gone on to become one of the most popular science fiction franchises in the last year. As a space opera that details the actions of heroic rebels, Rebel Moon does not shy away from portraying the gruesome deaths of fan-favorite characters. As such, several figures have met tragic fates in the two-part film.

Rebel Moon does not only kill characters but also seeks to bring some of them back. While several characters have died in both installments of the film, a few notable ones stand out.

Disclaimer: The following article contains spoilers about Rebel Moon parts 1 and 2

Sindri, Sif, and more major characters' deaths in Rebel Moon

Sif and Sindri killed by the Imperium in part 1

The catalyst for the plot of Rebel Moon, and the reason for Kora to take up arms against Atticus Noble was the death of her adoptive parents Sindri and Sif. Sindri and Sif acted as the Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru of Rebel Moon, and the only family that Kora has known.

The two were killed brutally and suddenly, thereby motivating Kora to begin resisting the Imperium.

Kai killed by Gunnar in part 1

When Kai betrayed the rebels, fans were furious with the character as the decision almost led to the deaths of the rebels in Rebel Moon part 1. However, Kai underestimated one key player, Gunnar, when he betrayed the rebels to prioritize his own life.

Gunnar went on to kill Kai later after the latter misjudged him, assuming him to be a coward like himself.

Gunnar killed in battle with Atticus in part 2

Gunnar was Kora's love interest and the one fans hoped would end up with her. However, in the brutal and gritty world of Rebel Moon, this was not meant to happen.

The character grew from being a simple farmer to becoming one of the main rebels. However, he met his end aboard the dreadnought in a gunfight. He succumbed to his injuries after he received a gunshot wound from Atticus.

Nemesis killed by Balbus in part 2

Nemesis had gone on to become one of the fan-favorite characters in Rebel Moon, with part 2 offering the first glimpses into the tragic backstory of the character. After the death of her children, she took up arms against the Imperium and remained one of their strongest warriors before she met her end at the hands of Balbus. However, in one final act of heroism, she was able to take her killer with her.

Atticus Noble died at the hands of Kora and Gunnar in part 2

The overarching antagonist of Rebel Moon, Atticus Noble directly/indirectly led to the deaths of many notable figures in the story, and became the primary villain whose downfall fans were all rooting for. This became a reality when he inevitably met Kora on Gondival and died, only to be resurrected in the second part, where he met his end at the hands of Kora and Gunnar in a gunfight aboard the dreadnought.

Other character deaths in Rebel Moon

The list above hardly covers all the fatalities in the story, which included the deaths of Marcus and Faunus, who were Imperium higher-ups. In one of her earliest struggles against the Imperium, Kora took down these two in part 1 and came to realize her own potential for resistance.

Not all characters met epic deaths as fans also witnessed Hickman being killed by a Bennu, a beast of burden in the story in part 1. The show also included the death of Harmada, the Ogumo, who was killed by Nemesis in part 1, and featured the benevolent King Levitica being killed by Atticus Noble for his sin of sheltering the rebels in the same installment. The self-sacrifice of Darrian Bloodaxe and the rebels in part 1 helped Kora and the remaining forces take their final stance.

Finally, the storyline of Rebel Moon, which spanned across generations, made use of flashbacks to showcase the deaths of prominent characters. Most notably, fans witnessed the deaths of Kora's parents and Nemesis' children in a flashback in part 2. King and Queen Althander also met their ends in part 2 due to betrayal and failed to continue their resistance against the Imperium.

Fans can watch both parts of Rebel Moon on Netflix.

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