Flo Milli walks off stage mid-set after having things thrown at her, Ari Lennox and Gunna weigh in 

Flo Milli walked off-stage after fans threw things at her (Image via @flomillish*t / Instagram)
Flo Milli walked off-stage after fans threw things at her (Image via Instagram/@flomillish*t)

Flo Milli was forced to walk off-stage this Saturday after some concert-goers threw things at her. The incident happened in Columbus, Ohio, when Milli was on stage as the opener for Gunna's The Bittersweet Tour at the Schottenstein Center.

Following the incident, Milli received supportive messages from Ari Leonnx, who had undergone a similar experience last year while opening for Rod Wave’s Tour.

Lennox took to Instagram stories and apologized to Milli for the incident while admiring her for being an 'incredibly talented woman.' In another story, she highlighted the cruelty of people and shared her own experience from the Rod Wave’s Tour, urging headliners to protect their openers.

Ari Lennox posts Instagram stories to support Flo Milli (Image via Instagram/@arilennox)
Ari Lennox posts Instagram stories to support Flo Milli (Image via Instagram/@arilennox)

Gunna also stepped in to support Milli, as he warned fans through a tweet that no disrespect would be tolerated on The Bittersweet Tour. He also added 'family ties' to the tweet, presumably as a special message to Milli and the concert-goers.

“No disrespect in any form @_FloMilli will be tolerated on tour . family ties 🤞🏾”

The nature of the objects thrown at Flo Milli could not be determined from the blurry videos. However, the American rapper seemed greatly disturbed by the actions of the concert-goers.

Everything to know about Flo Milli walking off-stage at The Bittersweet Tour in Columbus

Flo Milli is currently supporting Gunna as the opener on The Bittersweet Tour, set to run through May and June. However, during her performance of Beef FloMix, Milli complained about things being thrown at her from the crowd and told the crew to stop the show.

As per videos of the incident making the rounds on the internet, Flo Milli managed to identify the culprit and even asked who they were throwing things at. Milli walked off the stage after dropping the mic following an 'unclear' interaction with the culprit. The Never Loose Me singer was also heard warning the culprit as she exited the set.

“Bit*h, when I fuc*ing catch you, ho. I swear to fuc*ing God.”

With talks about the incident heating up, Flo Milli took to X this Sunday to clarify the situation. The rapper explained that the crowd didn't throw things out of spite, but just because they wanted her to sign them. She also jokingly added that since she was from Mobile (Alabama), she happens to 'take everything as a threat.' Last year, Forbes ranked Mobile as the second-most dangerous city in the United States.

She added:

"but im from mobile so i take everything as a threat lol"

According to fans who were present at the show held at the Schottenstein Center on May 4, the concert-goer who threw things at Milli was kicked out of the tour venue within minutes of the incident. However, it remains unclear whether they were banned from attending on the other tour dates or received any other punishment. Despite this, fans appreciated how the situation was handled exceptionally fast.

Later, Flo Milli returned to the stage and resumed her performances in full spirit. Despite the obstacles, both Milli and Gunna delivered memorable performances, ensuring that fans grooved on their favorite tracks.

This is not the first time artists and singers had to endure ill-treatment from the crowd. The summer tours and performances in 2023 were lined up with big names like Latto, Cardi B, GloRilla, and even Drake having to guard against unidentified objects thrown at them from the crowd.

Recently, Bebe Rexha suffered some injuries and had to get stitches when a concert-goer threw a phone toward her face at a New York gig.

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