"Breezy gonna punch him in the face": 50 Cent weighs in on Quavo's latest Chris Brown diss track

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Rapper 50 Cent made an entry into the discourse in the ongoing feud between Chris Brown and Quavo through an Instagram post. The rapper, who is known for his active presence in the rap community, made a comment on the intensity of the tension between Brown and Quavo.

The comment was made as a reaction to Quavo's recent diss track, Over H*es & B*tches, which was reportedly a direct response to Brown's Weakest Link.

"Breezy gonna punch him in the face," 50 Cent wrote.

Cent's comment was made on April 22, 2024, and marked another chapter in the two artists' heated exchange. The artists have both released diss tracks targetting each other with personal attacks referencing past relationships and controversy. This has only amplified the tension between Chris Brown and Quavo.

The origins of the conflict between Brown and Quavo reportedly go back to 2017 and a dispute they had at the 2017 BET Awards. It allegedly began after Quavo was reportedly linked to Karreuche Tran, who had been in a relationship with Brown. Things only seemed to worsen after Brown released the track Weakest Link, which was followed by Quavo's recent diss track.

50 Cent comments on Chris Brown and Quavo's feud

50 Cent took to Instagram on April 22, 2024, to comment on the dynamics of the feud between Chis Brown and Quavo. To fans, it seemed like he was actively engaged in what was happening between the other two rappers. He also responded to Chris Brown's Weakest Link and posted on Instagram stating that he had just heard it and it was "a wrap" if Quavo didn't "come with some heat."

"Oh my God i just heard this, if Quavo don’t come with some heat it’s a wrap. First the Fat Boys break up now this!" the rapper wrote.

With his comment, 50 Cent showed his interest in the ongoing feud and also expressed that he was anticipating Quavo's reaction to the track. He then commented on the feud after he saw the artwork for Quavo's response track Over H*es & B*tches, claiming that he liked "all of this" noting he wasn't sure why he liked it.

“I don’t know why I like all of this, but I like it! This heat keep it coming,” the rapper said.

50 Cent also discussed his thoughts on the dispute, which showed fans what the rapper thought and felt about the feuds in the music industry.

Reportedly, 50 Cent's active presence on social media and his comments on public disputes seem to be a part of his persona and strategy in the music industry. He has used social media platforms like Instagram and X to comment on the feuds and conflicts happening in the rap community.

The feud between Chris Brown and Quavo


The conflict between Quavo and Chris Brown seems to have stemmed in 2017 when the former was linked to Brown's ex Karrueche Tran. Brown reportedly felt betrayed by this which ended in a dispute at the 2017 BET Awards. It is worth noting that Tran also allegedly filed a restraining order against Brown.

The discord reignited with the release of Chris Brown's track Weakest Link, where he directly addressed his issues with Quavo. However, this wasn't the first track that either musician had released about each other. Both have released two diss tracks previously.

In the latest song, Brown made several pointed references to Quavo's relationship with Brown's ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran. He also alluded to the tragic death of Takeoff, Quavo’s nephew and fellow Migos member.

Responding to Brown's provocations, Quavo released Over H*es & B*tches, targeting Brown’s controversial past. This included his domestic violence incident with Rihanna and other personal and professional setbacks.


Quavo's lyrics were explicit and confrontational and seemed to directly target Brown's character and actions. According to Genius.com, the lyrics also warn Brown that bringing Takeoff into the feud was a bad idea.

In retaliation, Chris Brown took to his Instagram Stories to mock Quavo's musical effort, dismissing it as insignificant and unworthy of a formal response. Brown's dismissive attitude towards Quavo's track underlines the personal and bitter nature of their feud.

As the situation continues to develop, both artists remain steadfast in their positions, with the rap community and their respective audiences watching closely. The involvement of figures like 50 Cent only heightens the visibility and stakes of the feud, turning it into a significant spectacle within the music world.

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