"Oh my god what an insane combo" — Fans react to Gracie Abrams' Us featuring Taylor Swift

Fans react to Gracie Abrams
Fans react to Gracie Abrams' Us featuring Taylor Swift (Image via Getty Images)

The latest collaboration between rising indie-pop sensation Gracie Abrams and global superstar Taylor Swift has set the music world ablaze, with many fans on X sharing the wave of excitement.

On June 21, 2024, Gracie Abrams announced the release of the album The Secret of Us on X. It marks her second studio record after 2023's debut, Good Riddance. Among the 13 tracks, Abrams has a collaborative track with Taylor Swift, Us, which garnered significant attention.

After the announcement of the release, fans took to X immediately, suggesting that this is an "insane combination," expressing their astonishment and joy at the unexpected collaboration:

"ITS GONNA BE A HIT," the other wrote.
"OH WOW, GODS," the third suggested.
"So this is going to be the collab of the year, i fear," another on X suggested.
"This is gonna be soo good omg," one more wrote.

Numerous fans who have heard the song have expressed on X that it is a great song, stating they are playing it on repeat, acknowledging it as a superb collaboration between Swift and Abrams.

"This song is actually incredible. It's out in New Zealand already, and it's on repeat straight away!" one wrote.
"Just listened to the song. My godddddd they literary burnt the studio," another suggested.
"It's so good, exactly what I wanted from a Taygracie collab," Third said on X.
"song on repeat ‼️," another on X.

Gracie Abrams shared a picture on Instagram of an American musician, Aaron Dessner, and other musicians in a studio, revealing that her album has been released:

"OUR ALBUM IS OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!," Abrams captioned.

Taylor Swift and Abrams first met in December 2021 when Swift invited Abrams to her birthday party. Speaking to Variety in 2023, Abrams suggested that she received a message from an unknown number, claiming it to be Taylor Swift, and Abrams did not believe it.

The duo's friendship grew from the birthday party, and on April 2023, Abrams opened for Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour. Speaking to Variety, Abrams suggested that it was the best experience of her life:

"It was the best experience of my life. To have that become a part of my weekly routine for four months straight has bled into kind of all ways of my life, not just how joyful I feel internally, but the songs that we've been making," Abrams said.

More about Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams' collaborative track Us

The song is the fifth track of her album, The Secrets of Us. The duo co-wrote the track, Us, and Aaron Dessner served as the musical input from the producer and collaborator. The track has a polished pop angle and is typically an anthemic folk number. Dessner told Billboard that it was "fun" to watch Swift-Abrams chemistry:

"It was just really fun to watch the chemistry of Gracie and Taylor bouncing off each other. Gracie in total wonder and awe watching how Taylor records and produces her vocal performances and builds the world," Dessner said.
"Taylor's brilliant at synthesizing a whole story. [That song] just brought everything [about Gracie's album] into focus in a beautiful way," Dessner continued.

The second verse of the track is a collaborative effort between both artists, sung together, and is as follows:

"I know you know/ It felt like somethin' old / It felt like somethin' holy, like souls bleedin' / So, it fеlt like what I've known/You're twеnty-nine years old / So how can you be cold when I open my home?" Abrams & Taylor Swift sang.
Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Image via Getty)
Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour (Image via Getty)

The track, Us, is available to listen to on Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify and YouTube Music. The album's vinyl can be bought from the official store, Record Store Day, and Amazon.

The album The Secret of Us includes her previously released songs Risk and Close to You, which charted at No.40 on the Billboard Hot 100. It follows Abrams' debut album, Good Riddance, released in February 2023, which charted No. 52 on the Billboard 200.

Edited by Gayatri Chivukula
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