"This breaks my heart" — Fans react to Chappell Roan breaking down in tears onstage at Raleigh concert

Justin Tranter And GLAAD Present "BEYOND" Spirit Day Concert
Chappell Roan performing at the "BEYOND" Spirit Day Concert. (Image via Getty/ Vivien Killilea)

American singer and songwriter Chappell Roan recently performed at a concert at the Red Hat Amphitheater in Raleigh, North Carolina. Midway through the show, she paused, broke down onstage, and shared her feelings with the crowd.

“I just want to be honest with the crowd. I feel a little off today because I think my career is going really fast and it’s really hard to keep up. I am just being honest, I am having a hard time today. I am not trying to give you a lesser show,” an emotional Chappell Roan said.

When the audience cheered her on, she continued with the concert and said:

“Thank you for understanding. This is all I have ever wanted.”

Concertgoers shared the video of her heartfelt moment on social media, which has garnered enough traction. Fans are now chiming in to react to Chappell Roan breaking down in tears onstage and expressing their support for her.

Here are some of the comments from X:

“No like this breaks my heart like I’m a huge Amy Winehouse fan and bruh the fame literally killed her. I really hope Chappell keeps her loved ones close and takes time for herself and her mental health,” a person wrote.
“Sweet girl, you are so loved. Fame is a difficult thing, and although I can’t relate to your experience, know that your artistry, and your character has impacted so many ppl. Thank you for sharing your art. Thank you for your hard work. We have your back,” another person wrote.
“Really, really need some seasoned professionals to step in and establish protocols and guidance through this, so, she can maintain some normalcy,” one person wrote.
“I rly hope she has some good support system behind the scenes, this made me so sad,” an individual wrote.
“No because imagine just becoming so popular overnight, I think I’d have a panic attack TBH I’d be so overwhelmed,” another individual wrote.
“I hope she knows that her fan base is so supportive and that we are totally okay with her being tired and feeling heavy emotions over her huge career change in just a couple [of] months! We just want the best for our Midwest princess,” a netizen wrote.
“HIT HARD. Protect that fragile gorgeous beauty, Chappell Roan. We love her. I hope she truly knows that,” another netizen wrote.

Chappell Roan declined to perform at the White House

On June 9, Chappell Roan performed at the 2024 Governor’s Ball in New York City. During her performance, she shared with the audience that she turned down the invitation to appear and perform at the White House as part of the ongoing Pride Month celebrations.

The 26-year-old also responded to the invitation with her song My Kink Is Karma from her debut studio album, The Rise and Fall of a Midwest Princess, and performed it towards the end of her show.

“We want liberty, freedom, and justice for all. When you do that, that’s when I’ll come,” she added in her firm response to the government’s invitation.

The Missouri native’s stand made an impact on the crowd as they cheered for her. Notably, Chappell Roan wore a symbolic Statue of Liberty costume during her NYC show. She discussed LGBTQ+ rights, women's rights, and demanded freedom for the “oppressed people in occupied territories” throughout the Governor’s Ball.

Edited by Shreya Das
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