Why did Miami police shut down Feid and Yandel’s pop-up yacht concert? Celebration of their newly released joint EP comes to an abrupt end

Feid and Yandel (Image via Instagram/@feid)
Feid and Yandel (Image via Instagram/@feid)

Reggaetón stars Feid and Yandel's surprise concert celebrating their recently released joint EP, Manifesting, and their single Brickell, came to an abrupt end on Tuesday evening after intervention by Miami police.

The event, intended as a unique marketing ploy, involved Feid and Yandel performing live from a yacht cruising through Biscayne Bay and Brickell Avenue, the subject of their song of the same name, within close proximity.

Unfortunately, the timing proved problematic. Brickell is already notorious for some of the worst traffic congestion in Miami. Feid's call for fans to join the party sometime between 5:30 and 6 pm coincided with peak rush hour, further exacerbating the issue, meaning the police had to intervene.

Last month, Feid, also known as Ferxxo by his fans, released Brickell, featuring Puerto Rican singer Yandel. The song narrates the story of a lost love with whom the Colombian singer shared memories in Miami's upscale financial district.

On Tuesday, May 14, Feid hinted at the surprise through an Instagram story showing him on a boat in the bay with the caption "Quien en bote hoy en Miami puessss (Who's on a boat in Miami today, puessss)."

Just three hours later, a follow-up story showcased a growing flotilla of boats trailing Feid's yacht. Soon after, the impromptu concert began.

With the problem escalating, local water patrol intervened just three songs into the performance, requesting Feid and Yandel to conclude the impromptu concert as their yacht neared the Brickell bridge.

Feid and Yandel's pop-up yacht concert cut short by Miami police

While Feid and Yandel's team claims they had all the necessary permits, the impromptu concert allegedly caused significant disruption. According to Feid and Yandel's manager, Andy Martínez, the sheer volume of fans who showed up overwhelmed the situation.

He stated that police intervened due to the combined factors of "traffic on the roads [being] ensnarled" and "there were over 50 police patrols on hand" for crowd control.

Social media reflects the mixed reactions. While some fans criticized the timing and location, others reveled in the unique, free experience of seeing a reggaeton legend perform live.

Despite the shutdown, Martínez maintained that Feid's team had secured "all the necessary permits with the Coast Guard." His plan, he explained, was for the artists to "cross the bridge and sing the entire album."

Social media videos captured the electric atmosphere, showcasing fans lining the canals as Feid and Yandel's yacht sailed by. Feid himself acknowledged the frenzy on his Instagram, posting "Miami que locura, que chimba que momentos que amor tan especial. Gracias Gracias," which translates roughly to "Miami what madness, what amazing moments, what special love. Thank you, thank you."

Behind the scenes, however, the situation was far less celebratory. The Miami Police Department (MPD) faced a logistical nightmare. High boat traffic compounded the issue, further exacerbated by the need to repeatedly raise bridges to accommodate the yacht's movement.

The disruption reached a point that a reporter for the Miami New Times found themselves stuck in traffic for 10 minutes, just two blocks away from the action.

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Edited by Prem Deshpande
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