5 reasons Jacob Trouba deserved to win Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award feat. $160,000 in funds raised for charity

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5 reasons Jacob Trouba deserved to win Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award feat. $160,000 in funds raised for charity

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba is this year’s recipient of the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award.

Every season, the award is given to:

“The player who exemplified great leadership qualities to his team, on and off the ice, during the regular season and who plays a leading role in his community growing the game of hockey.”

Jacob Trouba is a worthy choice for this year’s Mark Messier Award based on his on-ice and off-ice contributions. Here’s a look at five reasons why Jacob Trouba is the right choice for this year’s NHL Leadership honor.

5 reasons Jacob Trouba is worthy of the Mark Messier NHL Leadership Award

#1: Building the Garden of Dreams

Trouba has been known to support several charitable causes. In particular, he’s supported the Garden of Dreams Foundation. This organization helps deliver transformational opportunities for people dealing with issues like illness, financial situations, or the death and injury of a family member in the military.

Through his foundation and the Garden of Dreams organization, Jacob Trouba has raised more than $160,000. The money has been raised in numerous ways, helping the Garden of Dreams Foundation support people in times of need.

#2: Supporting the Epilepsy Foundation in New York

Epilepsy is a condition that’s impacted the Trouba family. Jacob’s wife, Kelly, suffers from epilepsy. As a result, Trouba has created the Trouba Creative Expressions Art Program.

This program consists of a ten-week engagement in which adults dealing with epilepsy join an art therapist to support epilepsy sufferers’ needs.

This endeavor has supported the Epilepsy Foundation of New York, providing key opportunities to help people dealing with epilepsy when assistance is most needed.

#3: Fighting Cancer

Jacob Trouba is a fighter on the ice. But he’s also a fighter against cancer. Trouba has supported cancer initiatives by becoming involved in AstraZeneca’s “Get Body Checked Against Cancer” endeavor.

Additionally, Trouba has taken part in the NHL and NHLPA’s campaign known as Hockey Fight Cancer. Like epilepsy, cancer has hit Trouba close to home, as family members, such as his mother, Kristy, have dealt with this condition.

#4: Growing youth hockey

While Trouba is known to support causes close to his heart, he also supports growing the game of hockey in his local community. Trouba has participated in the Rangers Youth Hockey Camp, a weeklong event in which boys and girls aged six through twelve take part in hockey training sessions.

On the whole, the Rangers Youth Hockey Camp focuses on developing the next wave of hockey players across the tri-state area.

#5: Turning a passion into charity

Trouba has recently discovered his passion for art. He has taken up painting as a hobby, allowing him to find an artistic outlet for his creative energy.

But Trouba has taken his creative side to another level. Prints of his work have been sold, with the proceeds going to charity. Thus far, he’s raised over $100,000 for the Garden of Dreams Foundation.

The prints feature Trouba draped in hockey equipment, covered in paint, and bodychecking a canvas. The artwork has been successful, helping establish Trouba as an artist while supporting a worthy cause.

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