Michael Andlauer net worth: How much does new Ottawa Senators owner have in financial assets?

Michael Andlauer net worth: How much does new Ottawa Senators owner have in financial assets?
Michael Andlauer net worth: How much does new Ottawa Senators owner have in financial assets?

Michael Andlauer is a well-established figure in the Canadian transportation industry, with over 35 years of expertise to his name. With his extensive involvement in various companies, Andlauer has amassed considerable wealth, with an estimated net worth of $1.1 billion.

As of 2023, Andlauer oversees the operations of more than 35 companies, showcasing his astute business acumen and ability to manage diverse ventures. His success in the transportation sector can be traced back to his early days as a university student, where he worked part-time at Day and Ross Transport.

In 1991, Andlauer founded ATS Andlauer Transportation Services Inc., which has since rebranded as ATS Healthcare. This company has become a renowned player in the logistics and transportation industry. Additionally, he established ALS (now known as Accuristix) in 1994, further solidifying his presence in the sector.

One notable investment in Andlauer's career came in 2009 when he purchased a share of the Montreal Canadiens, a highly esteemed NHL franchise with an illustrious history of 24 Stanley Cup victories.

Together with a group led by Geoff Molson, Andlauer acquired ownership stakes in the Canadiens, Bell Centre, and Gillett Entertainment Group (now known as Evenko). Reports suggest that Andlauer contributed around $28 million to the ownership group during this transaction.

Michael Andlauer's other endeavors and ownership

Beyond his business endeavors, Michael Andlauer has a genuine passion for hockey. He has been actively involved with the Hamilton Bulldogs, an American Hockey League franchise, since 2003. Initially serving as a co-owner, he later assumed sole ownership until 2015.

In 2015, Andlauer sold the Hamilton Bulldogs franchise to the Montreal Canadiens and acquired the Ontario Hockey League's Belleville Bulls, relocating the team to Hamilton and adopting the Hamilton Bulldogs brand.

Currently, Andlauer serves as the Chief Executive Officer and Director of his company. He founded Andlauer Management Group (AMG) in 1994, aiming to manage and operate transportation and logistics companies focused on the healthcare sector in Canada.

In 2019, AMG formed Andlauer Healthcare Group (AHG) as a subsidiary, consolidating specialized healthcare supply chain companies under one entity. Following the initial public offering, AMG retained a controlling interest in AHG.

In addition to his roles in the transportation industry and hockey franchises, Michael Andlauer stands as the alternate governor for the Montreal Canadiens. This position allows him to represent the team's interests and contribute to NHL governance matters.

With an impressive net worth and a wealth of experience in both business and hockey, Michael Andlauer continues to make a substantial impact in various industries.

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