Dallas Stars DJ responds to Oilers fans criticism of playing "La Bamba" after Game 2 win

NHL: Stanley Cup Playoffs-Edmonton Oilers at Dallas Stars
Dallas Stars DJ responds to Oilers fans criticism of playing "La Bamba"

Following the Edmonton Oilers’ 3-1 loss at the American Airlines Center on Saturday, the Dallas Stars blasted the visitors’ playing the special celebratory song “La Bamba” in the arena. That didn't sit well with the Oilers fanbase, and now Stars DJ Jonathan Shipman has apologized for the ill-informed move.

The song “La Bamba'' holds special significance to Oilers fans, as it has ties to their late staffman Joey Moss and a young Oilers fan, Ben Stelter, who died of brain cancer. While playing opponents' songs after beating them has been a common practice in Dallas, fans felt playing “La Bamba” was in poor taste.

Johnny Hicks, the DJ for the Edmonton Oilers, defended Stars DJ Jonathan Shipman in the face of fan criticism. He said that Shipman was unaware of the significance of the song "La Bamba" to Oilers fans, calling it an “honest mistake.”

“As a Pro Sports DJ, I feel for @ShippySpins (@DallasStars DJ). We are always trying to find new ways to troll the opposing team. In this situation, he had no idea of the meaning behind La Bamba. Most team win songs are just generic happy tunes. Honest mistake. #LetsGoOilers,” Hicks tweeted.

Shipman quoted Johnny Hicks' post and apologized to Edmonton Oilers fans. He mentioned that if he had known about the special significance of "La Bamba" to the Oilers franchise and its fans, he would not have played it.

“I’m sorry, Oilers fans. If I knew what I know now about the significance of La Bamba to your franchise and fan base, I certainly would not have played it. I thought it was just a happy, fun win song. Thank you to all the Oilers fans who have been so understanding. Much love! ❤️,” tweeted Shipman.

He explained that he initially thought it was just a happy, fun song for winning. The Dallas Stars DJ also thanked Oilers fans for being understanding and sent them his love.

Fans react to Dallas Stars’ DJ's apology to Edmonton Oilers fanbase

Fans were quick to react to Jonathan Shipman's apology. Many appreciated his response, calling it a classy and respectful gesture. They welcomed his acknowledgment of his mistake and understanding of the song's significance to the Oilers' community.

Following are some fan reactions on X/Twitter:

“Bro got informed and apologized classy move honestly. But also it’s hard to expect the Dallas star dj to know about the oilers culture as I know nothing really about the stars and been watching hockey my whole life.”
“All good, bro. Onwards and upwards! Cancel culture is for losers! Life goes on!” Commented one fan.
“You’re a good dude. Apology accepted. RIP Ben and Joey,” wrote another user.

Meanwhile, some fans were skeptical of Shipman's apology, expressing doubt that he was unaware of the song's significance. They felt his apology should extend to Ben Stelter’s family.

“I find it really hard to believe that you didn't know the importance of that song to not only the fan base of the Edmonton Oilers but to the people of Canada who felt horrible for the loss of such a courageous boy! Your apology should also be extended to Ben's family! Grow up!” Wrote one fan.

However, most fans appreciated that Shipman understands the song's significance and apologized. They acknowledged his intentions and consider that the situation is now resolved.

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