Full list of names trademarked by Utah for its new NHL team ft. Utah Mammoth

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Full list of names trademarked by Utah for its new NHL team.

The full list of potential team names for the new Utah NHL team has been revealed.

Utah will be getting an NHL team in the 2024-25 season as the Arizona Coyotes will be relocating the team to Utah. The deal has been made official, but no team has been named.

However, there have been eight team names that have been trademarked by the franchise.

"The full list is now Utah Mammoth, Utah Ice, Utah Yetis, Utah Venom, Utah Fury, Utah Blizzard, Utah Outlaws and Utah Hockey Club (or Utah HC)."

The Utah franchise's name will likely be from the list, as fans will vote on it.

Owner Ryan Smith said on "32 Thoughts":

"We have like six or eight names that seem to be the ones. We've engaged Qualtrics (founded by Smith and partners) to do it from a survey standpoints and grab all the feedback and run the brackets so it's right...
"I have my opinion but this is part of the reason why I want to do it with the fans is because unfortunately, or fortunately, my opinion weighs pretty heavily here. That's not what we're trying to do. I truly want this fanbase to be able to name it."

Smith says he will also have the players' input on potential team names. He also mentions the ability to overlap with the Utah Jazz:

"If you look at the mountains on the (Jazz) jersey, I think that kind of breeds a little bit of a colour palette naturally, of fresh ice, the whole setup, blue skies, you see that. In a dream scenario, there's a Venn diagram where you've got the Jazz and this team... where things could kind of overlap."

Smith also mentioned Pittsburgh and how the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates have the same colors.

When will Utah's team name be announced?

Although Utah will begin play next season, Ryan Smith says there is no rush to make the announcement.

Next season, the jerseys will just have Utah on the front as Smith doesn't want to rush anything and make sure the name is right and well received by fans.

Utah will play at the Delta Center, the home of the Utah Jazz right now.

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