"Better leader in some regards": Mark Messier gets candid about benefits of mushroom-usage in his early NHL days

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Mark Messier reveals using mushroom to perform better

Hockey Hall of Famer Mark Messier, joining Pat McAfee on the "Pat McAfee Show," discussed the Stanley Cup playoffs and shared his experience using magic mushrooms.

Pat McAfee shared a story first about his experience with using shrooms in college. He explained how it changed his perspective on focusing on football and helped him develop the mindset that eventually shaped him into who he's today:

“I have a story where in my life I took shrooms in college, and it changed my perspective on how I was gonna focus on football that night,” McAfee recalled.
“It did flip a switch for me, and I stuck with it. Without it, I don’t think I have the mindset to go on to be who I am.”

McAfee attended West Virginia College, where he started his football journey as a placekicker for the West Virginia Mountaineers. In 2009, he was selected as the seventh overall pick in the 22nd round of the NHL draft by the Indianapolis Colts, and he remained with them until his retirement in 2016.

McAfee asked Mark Messier to share his story about using the psychedelic drug. In response to Pat McAfee, Mark Messier shared his story:

"As an athlete, we probably spend 95 percent or 99 percent on our bodies, and back then, not a lot on our minds. It gave me the ability to look at a bigger picture - a vastness that is out there,” Messier said.

Messier expressed that his experience with psychedelics provided him a new perspective and a sense of humility. He found that it was beneficial for him and that he doesn't regret it:

“It gave me a better perspective. It gave me a humility. It worked for me, and it’s something that I don’t regret. And, wow, what an experience. ...
"This gave me the opportunity to think that I could expand my mind. I could become more understanding...and maybe a better leader in some regards," Messier added.

Mark Messier had an incredible 25-year career in the NHL. He had most of his stints with the Edmonton Oilers (12 seasons) and the New York Rangers (10 seasons) and also had three seasons with the Vancouver Canucks. Messier lifted the Stanley Cup six times.

Mark Messier praises Jacob Trouba's leadership

New York Rangers captain Jacob Trouba was fined $5,000 for high-elbowing Panthers forward Evan Rogrigues in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference final.

Messier lauded Trouba's playing style and praised his leadership. He said on the "Pat McAfee Show":

"He’s a guy that when he’s on when you’re on the ice, you have to keep your head up. He’s a punishing player," Messier said.
"The Rangers have gone on to have a historic season this year, and it doesn’t happen without great leadership, in my opinion," he added.

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