"Raw, dead and dumb": Kevin Bieksa slams Edmonton media for bashing Darnell Nurse

Edmonton Oilers v Washington Capitals
Kevin Bieksa slams Edmonton media for bashing Darnell Nurse

Former Canuck͏s defenseman turned ͏hockey analyst Kevin Bieksa didn't ho͏ld back duri͏ng pos͏t-game coverage as ͏he a͏imed at ͏the treatment Dar͏nell Nurse received from the Edmonton media. Bieksa didn't mince words when discussing Nurse's͏ performance ͏in the crucial t͏ie-breakin͏g vict͏ory against the Dallas Star͏s.

Fueled by Mattias J͏anmark's crucial short-handed goal, ͏and supported by goals from Evan Boucha͏r͏d, Mattias Ekholm, Leon Draisai͏tl, and Ryan McLeod, the Edmonton Oilers clinched a 5-2 win over the Dallas Stars,͏ tying͏ up the ͏series 2͏-2.

"You think about his day. He gets to the rink and he has to meet with the Edmonton meat - that's what I call the media because they're raw, dead and dumb," Kevin Bieksa quipped, highlighting the perceived harshness of the local press.

Kevin Bieksa dissected Nurse's performance, acknowledging a rocky start but ultimately praising the defenseman's resilience. He pinpointed the moments where Nurse's stat line took a hit.

"He goes out there - has a really shaky start, and not that it's his fault. But he's on the ice for a 2-on-1. Plays it fine, -1. Then he has one go off his butt and in, -2," Bieksa recounted.

Underscoring the mental toll such setbacks can have on a player, Bieksa empathized:

"And he has to think to himself 'man this is going downhill.'"

However, Kevin Bieksa was quick to praise Nurse's response, emphasizing his tenacity and contribution to the team's success.

"But he keeps playing, he stays aggressive, he plays physical and has an amazing game for them," Bieksa noted.

He recognized Nurse's ability to rebound and make a positive impact as evidenced by the game sheet. Nurse's influence extended far beyond statistics with one assist, one shot, three blocks, and an impressive 12 hits in 19 minutes and 19 seconds of ice time.

Leon Draisaitl commends Nurse's performance

When asked about Darnell Nurse's significant contributions, Leon Draisaitl said:

"Yeah, absolutely. That's what he does a lot of nights." Draisaitl emphasized Nurse's often overlooked efforts, noting, "A lot of the things he does go unnoticed."

Despite any challenges Nurse may face, Draisaitl empathized:

"Maybe his confidence hasn't been where we've all seen it be, but those things happen. It's normal. He's a human being. Tonight was a great step for him. I thought he was outstanding tonight."

Draisaitl's remarks underscored the importance of Nurse's hard work and the impact he had on the team's success.

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