"What a depressing sight" "Hurts more than the loss": Vancouver Canucks fans dejected as Oilers flag flies high at City Hall due to Mayor's lost bet

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Montreal Canadiens
Vancouver Canucks fans dejected seeing Oilers flag at City Hall

Vancouver Canucks fans were hit with a disappointing view on Thursday morning as the flag pole at Vancouver City Hall hoisted an Edmonton Oilers flag. Vancouver Mayor Ken Sim made a bet with his Edmonton counterpart, Amarjeet Sohi, before the start of Round 2 between the Oilers and Canucks.

Sim's bet stated that whichever team won the series, the loser would have to fly the winning team's flag at their city hall, and the losing mayor would have to don the jersey of the winning team.

The Vancouver Canucks lost to the Edmonton Oilers in a thrilling Game 7, which eliminated them from the 2024 Stanley Cup playoffs. The challenger, Mayor Ken Sim, upheld his end of the bet and posted a video of an Edmonton Oilers flag being hoisted at Vancouver City Hall.

Canucks fans and residents of Vancouver expressed their discomfort with the view of their rivals' jersey flying high in the Vancouver sky on social media:

"What a depressing sight" @JacobSchober
" I didn't think it was possible to make B.C. ugly but it happened" @Whirlybird96 wrote
"Suprissed nucks fans haven't tried to burn down the flag pole yet" @RowdyWing wrote

Another fan recalled the Vancouver Canucks' Game 7 loss and wrote:

"That hurts more than the loss" @Jgets98 wrote
"Now take it down immediately" @serenetemper wrote
"Oh god! Another embarassment from Ken Sim" @Talal52341401 wrote

Mayor Ken Sim is yet to uphold another condition of the bet, which is to wear an Edmonton Oilers jersey. Mayor Sohi was confident that the Oilers would defeat the Canucks and in a video replying to the challenge, he said:

"Mayor Sim, I happily accept your challenge. An Oilers jersey is on the way. We have the best teams, we have the best fans, and Oilers are poised to win. So get ready to wear that jersey on the day Canucks lose."

Mayor Ken Sim was proud of the run the Vancouver Canucks had put on in the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs and posted on X:

Edmonton Mayor Amarjeet Sohi lauded his counterpart for upholding his end of the wager and dropped a mystery question at the end.

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Vancouver Canucks' playoff exit allegedly sparked fans clash with police; Police Department responds to viral video

After the Vancouver Canucks lost Game 7 on the night of May 20, 2024, an X user, BBL Keith (@FCKErikinho), uploaded a video on the platform alleging a clash had broken out between fans and police officers in Downtown Vancouver. The video showed a mob of people throwing fireworks at the police.

The user allegedly spotted an Elias Pettersson jersey on fire.

The official Vancouver Police Department X account replied to the video of the alleged incident and said:

"We're not sure where you got this video, but this is not in Vancouver tonight."

Community notes under the alleged video also refuted that the event in question was not in Vancouver but instead a 2021 video of a riot in Portland, on the anniversary of George Floyd's death.

"This is a video from Portland, Oregon in May, 2021. The riot broke out on the anniversary of George Floyd's death."

The Vancouver Police Department was on high alert throughout the Canucks' playoff and regular seasons. However, due to the rivalry with Alberta's Edmonton Oilers, the Vancouver Police Department assigned extra officers on many days when the Canucks hosted the Oilers at Rogers Arena.

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