"Sadie Schreiner is a man posing as a women"- Fans react to the transgender athlete winning 200m and 400m titles in D3 college track meet

Fans react to Sadie Schreiner
Fans react to Sadie Schreiner's performance

Sadie Schreiner, an American transgender track and field athlete recently clinched two women's titles during the Division III Liberty League Championship Meet. This news has created an uproar among the fans as they lashed out at Schreiner for participating in a women's competition.

Schreiner clinched the Women's 200m and 400m events registering run times of 24.14 and 55.07 respectively. Moreover, Schreiner also shattered her school, Rochester Institute of Technology's record in both 200m and 400m with her performance. She also helped her side to sail past victory in the 4*400m relays with a fantastic run in the last lap of the race.

The interesting thing lies in the fact that Schreiner's run time that she registered while winning the 200m and 400m events would have been last if it was the men's competition.

Reacting to this one of the fans wrote:

"Women should simply refuse to compete against trans athletes. It must stop somewhere. They can form another league."
"Do you remember when the word "justice" stood by itself and included fairness?" another fan stated
"Sadie Schreiner is a fake. Sadie Schreiner is a man posing as a women to boost his confidence while beating women. What a pathetic person! I fraud! SADIE DOES NOT DESERVE RESPECT!" another fan commented

Here are a few other reactions:

"It will end when ALL women, supported by their coaches and administrations, refuse to compete in events where a male is entered. “Go along to get along” will not end this travesty" said a fan.
'You'd think these men would be embarrassed by the fact that they have to compete against women to win. I guess if you pretend to be a woman, you have no shame" another fan commented
"This is a product of the Biden regime and its war on women. When Trump is re-elected, this will end. Conmen will no longer be allowed to compete against women" another fan commented

All you need to know about the journey of Sadie Schreiner

Sadie Schreiner (first from right)
Sadie Schreiner (first from right)

Sadie Schreiner, formerly known as Camden Schreiner, is a track and field athlete from the Rochester Institute of Technology in New York. Schreiner formerly competed against male athletes in the men's division of the track and field circuit. However, after Schreiner's conversion, she was allowed to participate in the women's division of the sport by the New York-based institution.

Even though she has been winning laurels for fun in the women's division, her constant successes have caused resentment among the netizens as well as the other women athletes of the institution.

They are of the idea that Sadie Schreiner's advantage of being a biological male has helped her to win against the women athletes. Moreover, the netizens have also questioned the provisions of gender equality in these college tournaments.

The long-time activist and women's rights advocate, Riley Gaines has also addressed this issue of Schreiner in her recent tweets.

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